Yummiest 5 African Culture Food

African Culture Food

Africa, the second largest continent, is one with diverse cultures, traditions, and practices, even when it comes to food. Some world-renowned foods took their inception from Africa. You can therefore imagine the varying amount of delicious foods there are through the continent. To streamline the process of picking, this article discusses yummiest 5 African culture food.

Morocco’s Tajine

Tajine, the famous moroccoan food, encompass both the stew and the vessel used to cook it. The round and shallow base fits directly into the pointy and conical lid.

The cooking vessel retains the stew’s moisture and flavor as the tightfitting lid prevents the escape of steam. Clay or ceramic materials are used to make the vessels, making them ideal for slow cooking which ultimately results in tender meats and vegetables. The cooking vessel makes cooking over the stove or embers more efficient. You can decide to have Tajine glazed or unglazed.

Common ingredients utilised in the stew include peas, nuts and spices. Tajine comes in different varieties; tomato sauce, vegetables, lamb, seafood and chicken tajines to mention a few. You may accompany the soup with rice or bread. Tajine is one african food you’ll come to savour at first taste.

Ingredients for African culture food
Ingredients for African culture food

Nigeria’s Jollof Rice

Nigeria has a lot of renowned food but one you definitely have to taste is the jollof rice, famous throughout West Africa. It is the go-to food at ceremonies. You may describe the jollof rice as a rice dish cooked in flavored tomato broth.

Ingredients used include rice, tomato, tomato paste, vegetable oil, onions, salts, and other spices. Though there are cooking variations, you generally start by sauteing the onions in vegetable oil, adding the blended tomato and broth, adding other important ingredients, and lastly the rice.

Jollof rice can be accompanied with chicken, beef, and other soups including the egusi soup (which is another famous Nigerian food). You’ll find yourself demanding more after having a taste.

Egypt’s Hummus

Locals make the beige-colored hummus spread with tahini sesame paste, mashed chickpeas, garlic and lemon juice. People know this dish for its nutritiousness and sharp flavor dating back to ancient Egypt history.

They also use spices like paprika for additional nutrition. They then garnish the spread with tomatoes, herbs, boiled eggs and many more. Hummus may be used as a dip for the famous pita bread after being dressed with olive oil. It may also accompany falafel, taameya, bagel toast, to mention but a few.

Hummus is an internationally recognized spread that you’ll come to appreciate when you have a go at it.

Example of African culture food
Example of African culture food

North Africa’s Couscous

Couscous is especially prevalent through North Africa, in countries including Morocco, Algeria, Libya. It is a widely known staple food throughout the region. It consists of semolina well coated with flour, then steamed and dried. The flavor comes bland but Couscous has the ability to soak flavors from other ingredients.

Locals serve couscous dishes come in different varieties; as the main dish or side dish. However, when used as the main dish, it has to be garnished with meat, fruits or vegetables.

South Africa’s Pap En Vleis

Not only is South Africa known for Cape town, it is also known for Pap en vleis. Pap en vleis is a combination of any starch and stewed meat, with chakalaka or gravy serving as the side dish.

South Africa also offers the “shisa nyama” experience, where you get to select meat from butchers and have them cooked over wood fire.


Africa is so large that the inception of some world-renowned foods came from the continent. Africa definitely has more yummy foods than can be mentioned. Some countries in Africa even have more than one world-renowned food. However, there you have 5 african culture foods out of many.

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