Why an African Safari is a Must Visit

african safari florida

An African Safari Florida has many possibilities for a romantic getaway for two. The opportunities are endless. Florida has been called the ‘Martha Stewart State’ due to its beautiful scenery, warm climate, and abundant wildlife. Florida has been a popular destination for tourists for over 100 years, which is why there are so many choices to spend your vacation. It’s easy to plan an African Safari in Florida for a romantic getaway, a honeymoon, or a business retreat with your significant other.

Florida is probably one of the most beautiful states in America, if not the entire country. You can enjoy all of the great outdoors in the warm climate with Florida’s many parks, lakes, rivers, cemeteries, monuments, and beaches. You would never want to miss a visit to the Everglades, one of the five natural wonders of the world. Some places are even off the beaten path but worth the drive.

African Safari Florida

A small elephant standing on top of a dry grass field

The Florida Panhandle offers you great wildlife and landscape that are unspoiled by human contact. Many exotic mammals and birds call the Panhandle their home. Some of the most famous mammals in the United States come from the Florida Panhandle such as the Bobcat, Bear, Deer, and the Sugar Bear. If you were a vegetarian, you would not even need to take your Vitamin supplements because you would easily be able to find plants such as the Acai Berry that grow wild in the swamps and rivers of Florida.

For those interested in the nightlife and cultures of Africa, there are many African American-owned and operated bars and restaurants. The Art Deco District in Jacksonville and Miami Beach have many beautiful cafes and restaurants. You can easily spend a relaxing evening drinking around with your family while sampling some of the finest cocktails in the nation. If you are going out to a club, many have live music acts and dancing the night away. These are the types of places that you do not want to miss when you are on your trip to Florida.

The cuisine in Florida is some of the best in the world. Not only would you enjoy gourmet meals, but also large bowl meals and great deserts. Many people have learned to cook African cuisine over the years and now offer this cuisine for lunch, dinner, and breakfast.

A Much Ado

A small boat in a large body of water

One of the most popular activities on an African Safari is going to the parks. There are four different parks to visit in Florida. Some of these parks even have a nature preserve type area for the animals. The animals here are protected and you will not run into issues with trespassers. This is one of the main reasons people continue to visit these beautiful parks all over the country.

Along with the four parks, you can also enjoy Sea World, Disney, and Universal Studios. All four of these have shows at certain times of the day. During the day you can visit the beaches and get the beautiful sun that will help you to tan in the sun. At night, you can enjoy dinner under the stars and watch the dolphins play.

Bottom Line

An African safari will allow you to see wildlife that you would not normally see anywhere else. With all the different animals, there are many different things to see. As you are on your safari, make sure to take plenty of water with you. The African safari would be the perfect vacation for someone that loves animals. You will get to see many exciting things and not have to worry about malaria, AIDS, or catching a disease from a mosquito bite.

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