Which Is The Best Country For Vacation

best country for vacation

If you are a sun-seeker and planning for a vacation then you must check out the top vacation spots where you could enjoy the sun. The best country for vacation for such people is Africa. It is the best place that you can visit as this place offers a complete package to the family. From adventure activities to national parks, there are many hot spots that will make your visit worthwhile.

Here are some places that you can explore during your visit.



If you want to enjoy your vacation by seeing animal-filled plains, boating in a red-hued lake, and the tallest mountain Mount Kilimanjaro then Tanzania is the best place you can visit in Africa. You can also choose Tanzania as your vacation destination if you want to go on safari and also if you want to do mountain climbing.

Zanzibar Makes Africa The Best Country For Vacation


If you are searching for the best country for vacation or the best place for vacation in Africa that offers both an unforgettable adventure and beautiful beaches then this Indian Ocean destination is the best place you can visit. Beaches like Matemwe and Pongwe of this destination will give you the feeling of ease. Also, visit the Zanzibar city which is also called a stone town, there you will find the ruins of a 15th-century palace and a graveyard with ties to Zanzibar’s former Arab royals. Also, don’t forget to visit Jozani Chwaka Bay national park as there are lots of things to explore.

Cathedral Peak

If you are a nature lover, and love hiking, rock climbing, and also you are a mountain bike enthusiast then nothing can be a better place for you than this to stay. Cathedral peak is worth a visit as it is very beautiful, it is located in Drakensberg. It creates a natural paradise with steam, pools, waterfalls, and overgrown shrubbery. You can enjoy going on a walk as there are several walking trails. The best thing about this place is that you will find a country club atmosphere.

Pamula Beach Makes It The Best Country For Vacation

Pamula beach is one of the reasons why Africa has become the best country for vacation. It is situated on the south coast of Natal. Relaxing on Pamula Beach in the summer is the best option one can have for the summer holidays. You will get both sea and garden views with amazing food choices and a variety of fun activities to do. You can also enjoy swimming here as it is safe. Other activities that you can enjoy are whale and dolphin watching. There are several games to enjoy as well like mini-golf, beach volleyball, etc. You can also enjoy the daily night parties on the beach.


Africa provides you with every type of vacation. No matter, you want to enjoy the beach, climb mountains, go biking or explore the natural beauty, there is everything to choose from. You will also get the most magnificent resorts in Africa that will offer lots of new amazing things to you.

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