Which Are The Most Beautiful Spots In Africa

Which Are The Most Beautiful Spots In Africa

If you want to be witness to the dreadful wildlife and also extensive landscapes, you have to come to Africa. The second biggest continent hasn’t changed much over the years. Thus, the beautiful spots in Africa still inspire you.

Which Are The Most Beautiful Spots In Africa
Which Are The Most Beautiful Spots In Africa

Beautiful Spots In Africa – Victoria Falls

When you are talking about Africa’s natural beauty, Victoria Falls will come to your mind. It is on the Zambezi River, and it acts as the barrier between Zimbabwe and Zambia. With a width of 5604 ft and a height of 354 ft, this will take your breath away.


Think of dream place, and Africa will offer you Mauritius at its southeast coast. With azure water and dazzling white sand, the island will enthrall you. Here you also get to see lots of unique species of birds.


This Moroccan town will bring your fairytale into reality. From the 1400s, this city has been drawing tourists. Every year, many tourists come to this place only to see its stunning blue hues. It also has 200 hotels. So, do not worry about accommodation.

Beautiful Spots In Africa – Djenne

Want to visit the wonder of Africa? Then you should come to Djenne, located in northwest Africa. To be precise, it is in the country of Mali. Here you can witness the splendid architecture of Sudano-Sahelian. It is famous for its vast Great Mosque. Sunbaked earth armored with the palm leaves has gone into the construction of this mosque. Now, UNESCO has made it a world heritage site.

National Park Of Tsingy De Bemaraha

If you want to see some unique rock formations, you must visit this national park. It is located in the wonderful Madagascar Island. Tsingy means walking on tiptoes, and the park is famous as the mineral forest. It is in a far-away place. So trekking is the only way to reach there.

Which Are The Most Beautiful Spots In Africa
Which Are The Most Beautiful Spots In Africa

The White Dessert National Park

This place is in Egypt. It is famous for its chalk rock formations. Earlier, only the domestic tourists used to come to this place. But recent years have seen the footfall of international travelers as well.

Beautiful Spots In Africa – Rwenzori Mountains

This breathtaking mountain exists in Western Uganda and some parts of the Democratic Republic of Congo. This region offers the tourists both the Tropical as well as alpine climates. Mount Stanley, which is the 3rd highest mountain of Africa, is located in this area.

Cape Town

Whether the excellent beaches or the beautiful cultures – cape town offers everything to the travelers. The large harbor and mountains enclose this urban area.

Semien Mountains

If you want to behold a true beauty, you will have to visit the Ethiopian Highlands. Erosion of thousands of years has formed this place. Thus, each mountain is different from the other. In spite of the height, many villages are there, though they are small. This hilly region offers a home to many animals like Gelada monkey as well.

Beautiful Spots In Africa – Serengeti National Park

Have you heard about the yearly wildebeest migration? It takes place in this national park in Tanzania. Antelopes, zebras, along with other animals, migrate to Kenya to find green pastures.

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