What Would African American Family Culture Entail

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African American Family History is more than just family history. It is an important part of our history and future. In the past, most people were trapped in a life of servitude, and because of that they had little interaction with people outside of their immediate family. That all changed when the slave trade came to America. There was a rapid growth in the black population in the new America. The pattern of family size changed drastically as well.

 High Rate Of Divorce

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Because of the nature of the African economy, there is a high rate of divorce. This was a major problem for African Americans at the time and continues to be a problem today. However, the large number of African American families that are intact and living together shows that this is not a cause of failure. There must be some other factor that is preventing them from having a more successful family life.

Color Of The Walls

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One factor was the color of the walls. If the walls are painted a lighter color than everything else in the home, it may not be possible for some members of the family to live in that house. It also may be that the children would be better off living with their own parents. However, some parents are willing to move to a different part of town to get away from the problems of the neighborhood. This is not easy for the children to do. They are usually the ones who suffer the most from these circumstances.

Another major change was the transportation available. Most of the early Americans that made their homes in the southern states of the country traveled by horseback. This was a great way to get around, but dangerous. With the invention of the railroad came the development of the motor car. There was less risk involved with moving families, since they could now ride on a motorcar.

Post-civil War Period

The family unit was even more important during the post-civil war period. Since so many men were away from home to fight for the United States Army, there was a lack of true family structure. There were very few African American families that had more than two people. When a man returned from the war, his chances of establishing a family were slim. He might be able to work, but that was it. The only way for an African American family to survive was for each member to pull his or her own weight financially.

Fortunately, during the middle of the 20th century, things began to change. The number of African American families with at least one member working became increasingly large. The internet has been a huge factor in this. Today, you can easily find websites that connect single mothers with men who want to date and/or marry. Many of these sites have black and white singles, so the potential for dating between different races is quite high.

Final Words

There are many more reasons to consider adding a family culture to your own. If you feel that you don’t fit into the general culture of your friends and acquaintances, it might just be time to consider having one. You will have a greater sense of pride and identity. You might find that you like the attention that comes with it. It’s really worth considering.

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