Visiting The African Safari Park Clinton Where You Can Experience The Wildebeest Migration

african safari wildlife park port clinton

Located in the Great Rift Valley, this park features some of the best big cats in the world. In addition to big cats, this park offers a wide range of zebras, impala, giraffes and many others. In fact, you can have a total recreation of the savanna, which is probably the most famous place for game viewing. Indeed, many tourists come to see the wonders of this park.

This park is located near the town of Port Clinton, which is only 40 miles away from Nairobi. However, even if you are not from this town, you will still be able to visit the park. At Port Clinton, there are many hotels that offer lodges for tourists, and these include the top-rated lodges. These lodges are perfect for those who want to experience the wonder of nature in the great outdoors, especially if they also want to see the animals in the park.

The Serengeti National Park is also another location that you should not miss when planning an African safari. This park has one of the largest animal populations in the world. Besides leopards, elephant and rhinoceros, there are giraffes, buffaloes, hippos and a variety of others. While you can definitely enjoy seeing these animals up close, the park also offers other attractions such as lions, cheetahs, flamingos, etc. In fact, you can go on a guided safari trip to the park to see all of the attractions in greater detail.

Besides these, there is also Lake Nakuru, which is the deepest lake in Kenya. Its shores are surrounded by luxuriant grassland and lots of scenic overlooks. This makes it a popular attraction for those who like to watch birds and also those who like to spot dolphins. In fact, during the summer, you can have a number of water sports activities such as swimming, water skiing and snorkeling in the lake. In fact, a number of luxury hotels and camps have amenities to make this a perfect place to spend your vacations.

One of the highlights of the Kenyan safari is the chance to witness the wildebeest migration. Each year, thousands of wildebeest gather together from the Serengeti National Park in northern Kenya and travel southward towards the Maasai Mara in the central part of the country. The journey takes them through a wide desert that is called the Mara’s Edge. At the edge of this desert, the animals settle down for the winter and come out in the spring to start the migration once again. You can observe this migration several times throughout the year, as the grass fields start to grow greener and the migration starts early in the morning.


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The wildebeest migration is the perfect chance to have fun on your holidays. You can also view a number of other animals during your time at the safari park. The animals here are shy and you can view them from a safe distance. They are not the aggressive kind of animals. This makes for a relaxing time while you are enjoying the beautiful scenery of the African safari wildlife park.

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