Trip To African Wildlife Safari Ohio

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The African Wildlife Safari Ohio is located in Port Clinton, United States. It is best for people of all ages. You can get a ticket for yourself and enjoy the safari to your fullest. The African wildlife safari Ohio is home to a variety of animals. All of them live together in cohabitation. There are plenty of things that you can do on this safari. You can take your car and drive through the entire path. You will have an experience of watching so many unique and exotic animals that too in their natural environment. In the drive-through option, you will get to see bison, giraffes, zebras, and alpacas. 

There are so many splendid species of animals that will blow your mind. You will even find avalanche here. The safari is open throughout the year, irrespective of weather and climate. 

Amazing Experiences At African Wildlife Safari Ohio

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The best part about African wildlife safari Ohio is the giraffe encounter experience. In this experience, the guests will get to meet our lovely giraffes. Children who are too young to walk are not allowed. You will be given some giraffe feed that you can directly give to the animal. You will be accompanied by a staff member who will ensure your safety. You can click multiple selfies, which you will relish for your entire life. This encounter takes place from Monday to Sunday. You will have to book the giraffe encounter beforehand, and the payment has to be made online. You can visit the website for bookings and reservations. 

Another activity that people enjoy doing at the African wildlife safari in Ohio is gem mining. You can do this with your children. The safari also has a cafe and gift shop. So, once you get tired of all the sightseeing and wandering, you can fill your belly with the delicious food of the cafe. You can also buy gifts and souvenirs for yourself or your loved ones as a token of love and memory. 

All these events will make your visit to the African wildlife safari Ohio a memorable one. This experience is unmatched by any other, and its joy is unparalleled. You can book your tickets and experience them for yourself. 


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If you are planning to enjoy your weekend or if you have a trip to Ohio, then make sure you add a visit to the African wildlife safari Ohio to your bucket list. You will enjoy your time here. You can visit the place with your family or friends. For more information, you can check out the safari’s website. There you will get a detailed insight into everything. So, stop waiting and book your tickets today.

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