Top 4 Best Place For African Safari To Visit

best place for african safari

The safari is an age-old method in which people can indulge themselves in the recreational activities of exploring nature. One of the most important factors that makes safari worthy is the conservation awareness of wild animals. One of the most famous safaris across the world is the African safari. This article will give you insights into the best place for African safari that you can plan today to get away from your mundane life. This safari will bring you close to nature, as well as wild animals. 

Kenyan Masai Mara- Best Place For African Safari

This one of the most beautiful places in the world with a wide range of trees and animals, receiving a huge amount of media attention. Many documentaries have projected the wildlife and lifestyle of people in the Masai Mara. It is a home for a huge number of wildebeest and also many grazing animals who are prominently available from July to October. 

Number 1 In The Best Place For African Safari- Botswana

If you are a nature-lover, you will be in love with African Safari because this country has immensely helped and conserved wildlife resources to the utmost. Botswana has the strictest of laws for animal conservation and has banned poaching or any illegal animal exploitation since 2014. You can plan a visit to the beautiful Chobe National Park that shelters vast elephant herds. There are many other traditional tourist attractions that you can experience in this region. 

Kruger National Park- South Africa’s Attraction

A boy feeding a giraffe at a zoo

If you are an explorer who loves to dive into the wildness of nature, the Kruger national park is your spot. People have deliberately complained that other national parks of Africa are overcrowded and hence getting a minute of serenity with nature is impossible. Nevertheless, the Kruger National park is extended to 22,000 sq. km and provides a vast area to explore the wilderness that it provides. This park gets a lot of tourist attraction because of the presence of wild dogs, rhinos, and other wild beasts. The area also gives surplus water supply as perennial rivers flow through the channel.

Etosha National Park In Namibia- Best Place For African Safari

A mother and baby elephant walking through a dry grass field

This is one of the most affordable national parks to visit in Africa which will let you dive into the natural beauty easily. You can drive yourself and visit corners of the place to find small water holes where animals come to quench their thirst. You can even find lion prides, elephants, zebras, giraffes, etc. at this beautiful place. It floods in the month of January, February, and March, hence the ideal time to plan your visit is between June to November. 


These are four best places to take a safari ride and these places will give you a break that you might be wanting for a long time. Treat yourself by taking some days off and plan a visit to the beautiful African Safari.

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