Things You Need to Consider When Booking For an Africam Safari in Puebla

Africam Safari Puebla

Africam Safari Puebla is an entire Mexican holiday park first established by Captain Carlos Camacho in 1972. It is located only about seventeen kilometers from the southernmost city of Puebla, in Baja, California.

Africam has been around since its establishment and offers you everything that is needed during your holiday. This is one of the largest parks open to the public and is home to different animals like African lions, giraffes, and giraffes. Some exotic species of birds inhabit this park, and these include the peacock, flamingos, parakeets, cuckoo, peacocks, and many others.

Why is Holiday Park so Popular?

A close up of a deer looking at the camera

Another reason this holiday park is so popular is that it allows you to observe some of the most magnificent wildlife in Mexico. You will be able to see the various species of birds and mammals and all the different types of wildlife. In addition to the large variety of animals that you will be able to see, you will also interact with them.

Because there are so many species of animals kept in Africam, you will be able to visit this animal park without any hassle. You will not even have to leave the comfort of your hotel to visit this park.

When to Visit?

A lion looking at the camera

If you plan to visit this holiday park in May, June, or July, it would be best for you to book early. You can get a good deal on the tickets if you go in advance. Also, since it is located only fifteen kilometers from Puebla’s airport, it is an easy walk from your hotel.

Before booking the tickets, you should make sure that you check out a travel agency that deals with holidays and vacation packages. You should also do a little bit of research on your own. Look around, and you will be able to get some tips from people who have already visited this park. They will be able to give you some advice about getting the best deals on tickets.

You can check with different travel agencies to find the best deal. But do not hesitate to do some bargaining as there is always a catch in every deal. This way, you can save more.

Plan Your Itinerary The Right Way

The trip itinerary is one of the most important things that you will need when planning your vacation. Therefore, you should have a well-thought-out trip itinerary and make sure that you choose the appropriate place and time that would suit your needs and requirements.

Make sure that you bring enough supplies so that you do not run out of anything. You should have enough food, water, medication, a first aid kit, and some basic clothing as well. If you are planning to visit this park during the night, you may want to consider bringing along flashlights and candles to enjoy the night safari and the sights of the wildlife in the jungle.

Once you have chosen your hotel, you can get the tour operators to call you and make arrangements to visit this park. These tour operators are usually located near the airport so that they can help you get there safely. They can even take you by car if necessary.

Final Words

You should consider getting the best car to cater to your needs, especially if you are going on a tour that includes a jungle journey. The best car should have an engine that is not too big. A small car will be sufficient for this type of trip. You can rent the car if it is too big or if you have no problem driving one.

If you do not have much money, you can opt to stay at the beach or one of Puebla’s hotels. Many hotels offer many facilities in the city, and you will be able to get discounts on the hotel’s rates.

If you book ahead, you can get the best deals from these tour operators. Ensure that you get in touch with these tour operators and ask them to inform you about the available tour packages before you book your ticket.

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