The History Behind The Name Of Africa

Name of Africa

Every student needs to understand the name of Africa. The name of Africa is one of the most famous and has existed since time immemorial.

To make things simple for all, the name of Africa used in these countries can be traced back to the time of Eden. According to the Bible, Adam was the first person to have a name; it was a tribal name and was bestowed upon him by God.

Other sayings about the origin of Africa also abound. Some tell of the continents’ great past as places where people had settled; and the interesting history that accompanied the human race in those days.

But, of course, things are not always so plain as they seem. What about today’s Africa?

Of course, there have been changes in the story of how Africans have come to be. Much has changed with Africa as we know it now. From what people knew, the first continent of the world was named Punt.

The History Behind The Name Of Africa

Though its name had not changed, people in those days knew the difference between Africa and any other name for continents. Most people knew that the name Africa, applied to continents or even countries, was a common term used by Europeans. Thus, there was a need to learn more about the ancient history of the continent.

Name of Africa: North Africa

Well, because of the “miraculous” discovery of Bambara people in North Africa, especially Libya, the names of Africa’s original Africa are coming back. Bambara, after all, was a kind of language from that continent that was written on the walls of churches and other buildings and had long ago gone extinct.

So, as North Africa was traversed by its people, their languages faded away. But, when new words and phrases were invented, people who had used the Bambara languages learned it. This was one way to create an oral history and make an oral history available for researchers to explore.

Bihari and Benin have been given names according to their language. Now, even each other country, Chad and Benin, have been given names that mirror their names.

The History Behind The Name Of Africa

Scholars in the field of anthropology, especially geneticists, are doing everything possible to determine how we came to have names for continents or what geographical terms mean. The implications are not very obvious but the discovery of Bambara peoples is providing the answer.

They too speak of the sea of Africa and yet, they still sing its praises. Their language, according to some historians, will be one of the first to be documented when those who came after them move into the historical record.

In light of all this, it can be said that no one name for Africa in any part of the world is etched in stone. It may be incorrect, inaccurate, and no matter what anyone says or writes, there is still a place for doubt. What will become the future of Africa’s name for the continent?

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