The Busiest Cargo Ports In Africa

The Busiest Cargo Ports In Africa

The cargo ports in Africa, are helpful in most of the commercial activity. Because ports help in the export and import of the products necessary for the daily life and development of a country. They are located in strategic areas connecting nations on other continents. In fact, cargo ports alone, meet 90% of Africa’s trade with the world.

The Main Cargo Ports In Africa

Africa having a considerable extension in terms of costs, allowing it to have numerous ports on their lands. But here we have the main cargo ports in Africa that have a higher financial and commercial flow:

Saldanha Bay: Cargo Ports In Africa

It is the main port of Africa, especially for South Africa. It is located on the coast of the South African West. And is the most established in the southern hemisphere. Curiously, the bay is protected by 3.1 kilometers of artificial icebreakers to prevent ice from approaching and interfering with the entrance of the port. Its traffic based on the massive transfer of cargo such as iron, being the first place occupant with 72 million tons in loading and unloading.

The Busiest Cargo Ports In Africa
The Busiest Cargo Ports In Africa

Damietta: Cargo Ports In Africa

It is the second busiest Cargo Ports In Africa, located on the coast of Egypt. It is 8.5 kilometers west of the famous Nile Damietta River. Both the port and its facilities cover more than 11.8 square kilometers. So it is seen as the maximum storage container for various types of cargo. Its annual article mobilization volume is 27 million tons with an extension of different items.

East Port Said

Its origin consisted of strategic plans. This main African port of 18.5 kilometers from the shores of the Mediterranean Sea just to the north side of the Suez Canal facilitates the mobility of massive ships to the port. This port of Africa is well known, a product of cargo optimization. Its most significant strength is the transfer and storage of bulky goods, such as attention to ships of this same mobile.

Port Of Africa Apapa

It based in the Nigerian city of Lagos. It is a port in Africa focused on the activity of storage and container handling due to its capacity in terms of size. In a year, it can handle a volume of 25 million dollars. Also, it is ready to serve several vessels within the facilities such as the shelter, docking, stacking, and transfer of loads.

Casablanca Port

Being the largest in Morocco and one of the largest ports in Africa in the world. Casablanca is in charge of 38% of all the mobilization or commercial transaction in Morocco. It is considered one of the ports in Africa that can serve 35 vessels together on its shores. And it has an estimated profit of 24 million tons per year, equivalent to millions of dollars. One of its benefits is that it can provide security to more than 3.5 million warehouses across the width of 605 hectares in length.


Mombasa is the main port of eastern and central Africa, due to its space and location. It is established in southern Kenya. This allows building connections with more than 80 ports worldwide. It is capable of mobilizing and storing more than 24 million tons of merchandise annually. Its most common purposes are the entry and exit of inputs for the port cities of the town.

The Busiest Cargo Ports In Africa
The Busiest Cargo Ports In Africa

Abidjan Autonomous Port

It is a port of Africa that is governed by regulations and laws of the state of the Ivory Coast. Its services have extensions for public and private companies. Its character may vary, but it establishes both industrial and commercial connections. It is responsible for the development of the port facilities of the Treichville people. Its strategic location located on the shores of South Abidjan in the coastal town of Treichville. It is the main port of West Africa.

Port Of Lomé

Being a port of Africa housed in the capital of Togo in the Gulf of Guinea, it becomes an ideal port for administrative and industrial transactions in the country. Over the years to come, it has become one of the main ports of  Africa. Its primary use lies in the import and export of items such as coffee, coconut, and palm heart abundant in the lands of Togo.

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