The Best Africa Vacation Destinations To Visit In 2020

A group of giraffe standing on top of a dry grass field

Africa is famous for its natural beauty and the jungles and waterfalls that are present there. Anyone who visits Africa experiences a unique blend of tradition and modernism which is so fantastic. There are many destinations that you can visit in Africa depending upon your affordability and needs. You also have to decide whether you wish to see the urban side of the continent or the ancient side. The continent has plenty of places where you can go and have the time of your life. 

If you are planning to visit, there are numerous best Africa vacation destinations that will leave you spellbound. This list has some of the best Africa vacation destinations that you can visit this year. The best vacation destination also depends upon the age of the children, your age, your preferences, and the way you wish to spend the vacations. All these destinations have their own unique selling points that make them stand out from other places.

Cape Town

A couple of giraffe standing next to a tree

If you love looking at sceneries that leave you spellbound, then this is the place for you. It has stunning hiking trails, dramatic scenery, and breathtaking beaches that are great for a vacation. You will also find a beach that has wild penguins residing on it which is quite spellbinding. If you are an adventurer or someone who likes to chill, Cape Town is a perfect place in any case which makes it highly preferable. You can also visit Nelson Mandela’s jail that is on Robben Island to see how the history of the world was shaped. You can also take a cable car to the Table Mountains if you are looking for some adventure in the trip.

Victoria Falls

Travelers walk far and wide to catch a glimpse of this UNESCO World Heritage Site that is nestled among the rocks. The falls straddle the two countries of Zimbabwe and Zambia and are twice the size of the Niagra falls. You can visit the falls in April when the rainy season has just concluded to witness the prime of the falls. Also, you can take a dip in the Zambezi river to witness the beauty of the falls from a different angle that will leave you stunned.#


A tree on a dry grass field

Tanzania is famous for the safari but there are other places that you have to visit in the country. There is a red-hued lake called the Lake Natron and the tallest mountain of Africa mount Kiliminjaro that you can visit when you go there. If you are an adventurer, you can book a climbing expedition on the mountain to see the mountain from the nearest point possible. It is a country worth visiting and it also houses the Ngorongoro Conservation Area’s expansive crater which is unusual in more ways than one.


These are the best Africa vacation destinations that you visit if you are looking to go on a long holiday. All these places are so stunning and will cater to whatever type of traveler you are which is great. The country has some of the most spellbinding natural wonders that will leave you in awe of nature. Also, the cultures and traditions of the continent are very different and you will experience it when you go and stay there for a few days. 

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