Sports In Africa Are Fun And Interesting

Sports In Africa Are Fun And Interesting

Introduction To Popular Sports In Africa

It is evident that a vast and diverse continent like Africa will produce renowned athletes in different sports. For instance, Africans are known to dominate several championships consecutively. Let’s look at famuose sports in Africa.

Sports In Africa Are Fun And Interesting
Sports In Africa Are Fun And Interesting

These tournaments are capable of drawing all over the world to commemorate the African sportsmen, for placing their continent in the world’s sporting map.

Football- Famous Sports In Africa

If you were an ardent follower of the FIFA World Cup recently concluded in Russia, you know that several African footballers were on top of their games. Their formidable presence invites Africa’s love for this famous sport.

Africa’s love for football began in the 1800s when European colonialists introduced this sport. As this sport is quite popular among Africans, the number of professional football clubs increased steadily. Also, Football’s popularity grew due to sponsorships from the private as well as the public sector.


The popularity of sport Rugby in Africa is phenomenal. South Africa played a significant role in Rugby’s fame, especially after the apartheid period. South Africa is indeed the most formidable proponent of this sport, with its 600,000 registered players. The World Rugby Rankings ranked South Africa on the fifth position on a global scale.


Cycling is becoming an increasingly popular sport, especially in South Africa. South Africa harbors an excellent cycling terrain. In fact, the largest independently timed race, the Cape Town Cycle Tour, takes place in the Cape Town city. Thousands of registered cyclists in South Africa also prove this sport’s popularity.

Sports In Africa Are Fun And Interesting
Sports In Africa Are Fun And Interesting


Africa is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about global competition in athletics. The African sportsmen show an astounding display of their strength, speed, and endurance in athletics. The South Africans, Kenyans, Algerians, and Ethiopians dominate the world stage in athletics. They have been continuously breaking records and collecting every major award.


This bi-racial country was banned from playing in international cricket matches for more than two decades. It’s because, during the apartheid period, only the white South Africans were allowed to play this sport. However, the popularity of cricket in this continent increased after it hosted the Cricket World Cup.

The Wrestling

This is one of the most popular and ancient games one can ever play. You can easily call this sport more than a hundred years old. This game is even more than a thousand years old in places like Southern Egypt, Senegal, and Sudan Nubian. 


By far, rallying has been one of the most popular sports in Africa. Tournaments held in various African countries can attract rally drivers from all around the world. Africa’s rugged terrain is also an attractive factor for this sport. Africa, thus, acts as a haven for enthusiasts of this sport.

Basketball- Famous Sports In Africa

Basketball came into the picture in Africa in the 1960s. From then, it has become an indispensable part of many countries of Africa. You can understand its importance by the sport’s inclusion in many school competitions. Like football, basketball is also a favorite pastime sport in African neighborhoods.

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