South Africa Trip Northern Cape

Trip to South Africa Northern Cape

The Northern Cape in South Africa is the largest and sparsely populated state. It is located between the Namibian border and the Atlantic Ocean. The Northern Cape journey will be exhilarating with the great landscapes, deserts, and fascinating farms.

Trip To Namakwa Desert In Full Bloom

Namakwa desert in full bloom is one the most fabulous place to visit. An eye-catching mix of orange, white, and purple wildflowers seems to flood the landscape. The majority of the blooms are part of daisy valley. The most impressive displays are not part of parks but are disturbed ground on fallow farmland. The flowers only open in the afternoon on sunny days and turn their faces towards the sun. You will get the best photographic view of the sun. It requires hard luck to experience this natural show. Namakwa’s flower season starts from July to September. It begins from northern Namibia border and moves towards Cape Town.

Trip To South Africa Northern Cape
Trip To South Africa Northern Cape

Strange Succulents And Quiver Tree Forests- South Africa Trip

The Northern Cape has biodiversity of succulent plants. The fascinating succulents are beautiful, and ‘rock plants’ clustered close to the ground can be seen. Some of them have disturbingly featured, such as tongue-shaped leaves, or the ‘bandaged-finger plant.’

The quiver tree is the king of the succulent plant. The most impressive place to see is ‘quiver tree forests.’

The Road On The Shipwreck- South Africa Trip

Northern South Africa’s Atlantic coast is isolated and full of wild thrill.  The pounding waves onshore divide the coastline between Kleinsee and Koingnaas.  The beaches near the shore are having vast heaps of large silver mussel shells.

One can see marine mammals: Cape fur seals, dolphins and humpback whales in June. You can sight terrestrial wildlife with ostriches, springbok, and lots of species of lizards and birds.

The best ways to explore the journey and feel the thrill is to follow the road near Shipwreck.

Trip To South Africa Northern Cape
Trip To South Africa Northern Cape

Diamond Miners And Golden Sunsets

South Africa’s northwest coast owes diamond mining industry, Diamonds that formed billions of years ago hundreds eroded out of the earth and washed downstream into the sea. Diamond divers dive into the cold water. They pluck out the precious stones from the river. One can stay and see the beauty of the nine basic huts on the seafront. It is one of the best places to explore the beauty of seashore.

Orange River Rafting And Augrabies Falls

The Orange River rafting and Augrabies falls are one of the great places in Northern Cape. The river extends from the Lesotho Drakensberg mountains to the Atlantic. It is the lifeline of the Northern Cape and allows to do agriculture in the desert.

The visitors can explore their journey and experience the thrill by doing water rafting. The river is peaceful and beautiful to make it the best place to visit

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