Some of the best African wildlife Safari locations

A group of giraffe standing on top of a dry grass field

Every year, more than 30 million tourists visit Africa for a wildlife expedition. More than of the international visitors tour for professional reasons and also get to participate in tourism activities. In contrast, 15% travel purely for tourism and 30% travel to visit friends and family. Tourists choose the mainland as a destination for wildlife to see and enjoy the clear blue skies. Africa is number one destination in the world for safaris, from the exotic to the very simple. These areas are generally well-developed or rapidly growing in the tourism sector. It is rich in wildlife and requires low to no visa. Tourists in these regions mainly come from countries like such as UK, France, Portugal and Germany. 

Southern Africa

A herd of zebra standing next to a body of water

South Africa, Zimbawe, Namibia and Malawai offer a wide variety of wildlife. This usually takes place due to the diversity of biomes in that particular region. Chobe National Park is the most concentrated elephant in the world, home to 70,000. It is located between the Chobe River and the Cubango Plain in northeastern Botswana. Also in Botswana, the Moremigame Reserve in the iconic Okobango River Delta was the first African reserve established by the locals. Etosha National Park, located in the arid region of northern Namibia, offers a great opportunity to find endangered black rhinos and flamingos on the salt marshes. 

East Africa

A bird standing on a branch

East African countries rely heavily on tourism for income generation. Dramatic improvements in marketing and cooperation between these countries will help ensure the success of this important tourism sector.
Standardized standards for hotels, restaurants and other services in these countries make it easy for travelers to find the right service. These countries have a wide variety of natural and cultural resources that allow tourism.

Central Africa

The Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Rwanda are great places to see endangered mountain gorillas. The best places to see them are Virunga National Park in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, Magahinga Gorilla National Park in southwest Uganda or Volcanoes National Park in the northwest from Rwanda.

Poaching, habitat loss, disease, war, anxiety, poverty and many other factors threaten gorilla populations. Today, thanks to conservation efforts, the mountain gorilla population is steadily increasing. More and more tourists eager to get close to these animals are also boosting conservation efforts to make economic and tourism improvements.

North Africa

North Africa is home to countless species of wildlife, including leopards, hyenas and striped hyenas. Whether you’re in Morocco, Egypt, Sudan, Tunisia, Libya, Algeria or Western Sahara, you’re likely to encounter one of these animals at your local zoo or safari. Guides like Lonely Planet and Rough Guides detail different types of elephants and antelopes. While the “Big Seven” African animals such as rhinos, elephants and lions tend to be concentrated in eastern and southern Africa, the majestic animals of the northern continent are well worth the visit,


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