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The legs are the most used working body part to working all day. The legs are more to be hurt as they take the whole body weight on them. The legs need to give them enough rest for the best of work. To give the perfect leg rest for the product is best suitable for need.

Portable Inflatable Leg Pillow

The portable and inflatable leg pillow is best to have anywhere and anytime to give a comfortable rest of the legs. The product is very convenient in use and can be used in the leg convenience. The leg rest pillow is a must-have at planes and travel held so that one can anytime cover the gap in the seats inflate the leg pillow and keep the leg on the pillow for rest. The stable pillow rest is also made with good based material for making the legs enough weight. The leg weight pillow is with ideals for the traveling where in case of footrest the pillow can be used to support the leg. The pillow support can be used for the leg rest in three stages in a lower-middle and high stage so that the legs can be supported at three stages. Even the pillow can be used for the small kids where they can rest their bodies and sleep better in travel. The inflated pillow support is also a must-have for old people so they can rest their foot on the pillow for a form and comfortable support to tired legs.

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  • Use: Travel
  • Thread Count: 300TC
  • Pattern Type: Solid
  • Filling: 100% Polyester
  • Material: 100% Polyester
  • Fabric Count: 40
  • Part: Body
  • Grade: quality
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Weight: 0-0.5 kg
  • Feature: Foot rest
  • Model Number: Travel Footrest Pillow
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  • The portable pillow support of the leg is made up of comfortable material and can be inflated as per need.
  • The tired legs can be supported on the pillow by inflating it.
  • As per compact in size, it can be taken anywhere and anytime.
  • The pillow support can have support for enough support.
  • This product is ideal for traveling from the plane, car, etc.
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  • The portable leg support pillow certainly does not have any kind of cons but the product should be kept away from the steak and pointed things that can certainly harm the pillow. To make it compact the air should be deflated from the pillow.


The inflated pillow does not need any type of air fill and pump, but the pillow can be inflated with the mouth. It works as a cushion for the legs and one can easily put in straight legs or cross-based legs. The pillow also has a special valve so that the air can be filled easily. The use of the inflated pillows is best for leg support and the cushion-based rest which gives the perfect rest for the foot.

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