Sexuality and Traditional Medicine in the African Culture

African Culture Sexuality

As African cultures come together in the spirit of celebration and fellowship, the sexual relationship is also a very integral part of the ceremony. It is for this reason that there is such a diversity in terms of sexual practices and beliefs. Here we will look at some of the more common ideas and customs that influence our sexual practices.

Beliefs Among African Continents

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Africa’s most prominent belief, especially on the west coast of Africa, is that the soul enters into a woman in her pregnancy and then remains for twelve days until the baby is born. A child born with a congenital disability is often punished by being burnt alive.

Another common belief in African culture is that the vagina will turn black when the baby comes out, so it is important to have regular bowel movements to keep the vagina white. Women who do not have regular bowel movements are said to have ‘bad’ or unclean vaginas.

Facts Around Traditional Medicine

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In traditional medicine, there is a belief that the semen of the man and his wife have special properties. For example, if a man ejaculates with the sperm of his wife, then it is said that the woman’s love for him is enhanced, and she is considered to be fertile. Also, semen can protect the woman from being infertile.

There is also a belief that the men who live together on a tribe will share the sexual practices. This will give them many years of companionship. For this reason, it is not uncommon for the womenfolk of a tribe to share sexual intimacy as well.

In Africa, it is believed that the penis is a sign of masculinity. For this reason, the penis of a young man will be swollen, and there will be several spots where the blood is rushing. This is a sign of virility, and the penis can also be curved in various ways to emphasize the body’s shape.

Taboo Around African Cultures

Many believe that anal sex is taboo in many African cultures, as is vaginal sex. The anus and vagina are thought to be unclean. If two people perform oral sex on each other, then the person performing oral sex is considered to be unclean and should be thrown out of the house or given away to another person to keep their family pure.

One of the essential concepts of African culture is that a woman should always be dressed modestly and in a way to show off her good health. For example, women should never wear high heeled shoes and high-heeled sandals to protect the sun’s skin.

Sexuality about African Women

Women in Africa are known to wear colorful costumes on special occasions. For example, they may wear animal skins draped over their shoulders and have long hair tied back. For women, these clothes are usually made of cloth and decorated with beads and jewelry.

In Africa, women can make a man ejaculate by rubbing his penis against their vagina or licking it. This practice is called yoga and is considered a delicacy.

In A Nutshell

Some of the most respected women in African culture also have very colorful and artistic dresses. There are many books in many cultures of Africa on how women’s dress and how to be more beautiful than men.

Some of the most respected women in African culture also practice open marriage. In the West, many of the women in Western cultures have open relationships, but some still practice closed relationships when married.

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