Selecting The Best Safari Countries For Your Travel

best safari countries

Africa has been regarded worldwide as the best country to view wildlife. Also, within Africa, several countries provide outstanding photographic safari experiences, each with its unique benefits and differences. However, while selecting the best safari countries, the primary key is knowing what features each provides. Besides viewing the wildlife, you must also know what activities and amenities they are providing you. 



Many wildlife enthusiasts and experts consider Northern Botswana to deliver one of the highest quality safaris overall. It features excellent wilderness in huge and private concessions. Further, it comprises nationally protected parks and reserves. Also, a significant factor that makes it an idle country for vacation is low tourism. Thus, they offer significant concessions. 



Kenya is the original safari country. It has the rank for best wildlife viewing countries today and offers the best classic safari experience. The Masai Mara Game Reserve here is the most beautiful place to visit.

Kenya is full of vibrant and diverse cultures and a significant number of activities too. Quality walking, biking, horseback riding, and cultural experiences are all available. Now, the start of Community Conservancies has also raised the quality and variety of activities offered here. You can also experience off-riding, night drives, camping, and much more activities here.


Namibia is a unique destination with some of the most dramatic scenery in Africa. The Namib desert, the oldest desert globally, offers great sightseeing options to its visitors. The red dunes at Sossusvlei are one of the most spectacular scenic areas on the planet. Etosha National Park is one of the best places to see all the traditional safari species.

Further, the country is famous for its sightseeing, wildlife, desert-adapted elephants, and tracking black rhinos on foot. Namibia is full of cultural values that provide you with such a beautiful experience here.

A recommended combination is to visit Namibia for the scenery and some active adventure combined with Botswana or South Africa for a short, traditional safari to increase your game viewing.


Gorilla trekking is the driving force of tourism in Uganda, even though the country is full of other safari gems. Many people combine mountain gorilla trekking with excellent chimpanzee treks in Kibale Forest for the ultimate primate safari. Between Bwindi Impenetrable Forest (where the gorillas are) and Kibale Forest (where the best chimp viewing is) lies Queen Elizabeth National Park, making it a natural inclusion to see the available game on a primate-focused safari.

Also, if you wish to avoid long travels on poor roads, then bush travels are available. Further, the lodging costs here are much lower than in other countries. Gorilla trekking permits cost about half of what they cost in Rwanda, and Uganda stands out for its overall diversity of scenery, experiences, and wildlife.

The Bottom Line

Selecting your safari country is essential. However, it is also essential to compare the types of wildlife viewing areas within that country. Ordinarily, governments dictate what is allowed within designated land areas.

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