Saving Money On An African Safari

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The first African safari travel party that I attended was held in Illinois and the organizer called it the “Lilah and Makgadikgad” or Peace and Love Safari Tour. In honor of the spirit of this celebration, the organizer distributed African safari travel party themed coupons. These coupons expire in October of each year. But I got an early start on them, so I took advantage.

The Lilah and Makgadikgad Tour start in Chicago and end in Mombasa. This was a three-day safari. On the first day, the group visited the Grant Park Zoo, Old Town and Lincoln Park. Then on the second day, they visited Okemos River and the Great Salt Lake. The third and final day was spent in the Kenyan safari port town of Mombasa.

The Lilah and Makgadikgad Tour operator sent email invitations to all their members on January 6th. They also posted pictures and a description of what to expect. There was a link to download a PDF file with all the details. I downloaded the link and read through the email. The first thing I saw were African safari themed coupons that would expire on October 31st.

I immediately called the port office to see if my email had been sent and received. The person I spoke with told me that they do not have any park tours at this time. Apparently there will be a Lilah and Makgadikgad walk-thru safari starting in February, but no coupon codes show all coupons expire until the end of next summer.

The Lilah and Makgadikgad tour operator did send me a coupon for an amazing breakfast in Nairobi. It included a ride to the safari park, breakfast, and an opportunity to walk through the park. The price was Randsworth dollars. This seems like an amazing deal, especially since it was an African Wildlife Park and I was planning to take my children. The drive-thru deal seemed very attractive.

I went back to the Lilah and Makgadikgad tour desk and asked them if they still had any specials. Of course, I had to ask specifically about the drive-through breakfast deal. They said no longer. My guess is that they are still trying to make some money off of the traffic and the excitement created by the two-day African safari trip. The Port Clinton Ohio coupon book did say that one can enjoy unlimited trips to the park for a total of $PETK.

I know that I am not the only one that gets excited at the thought of a discount coupon or deal. However, with the excitement over the possible discount deals nine hours ago, people were getting out their check books. Then when the expiration date came around, people were still excited. I was not surprised that the Lilah and Makgadikgad tour desk would be so eager to accommodate the coupon book requests. I was just glad that now the group could leave and not have to worry about having the discount expired.

Final Words

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Last, I searched for African safari deals from the previous months. The results from the searches returned many coupon offers from various companies. The prices on these coupon packages were very attractive, and it was easy to see that I wasn’t going to have to pay the full price for the trip. I printed up all the African safari coupon offers that I saw and brought them with me to the park.

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