Safari Crib Bedroom Design Ideas for African Safari Theme Baby Showers

african safari decorating

The exotic and idyllic island safaris of Tanzania will leave you with a lasting memory of a truly unique adventure. The success of these safaris is built on the many elements of interior design that they incorporate. From the selection of safari lodges and guest houses to the decor of every room and area, there is a lot that can be accomplished within the confines of an African safari holiday. It doesn’t matter if you have no prior experience in designing African decor, it’s easier than ever to transform your own imagination into the very look you desire. This is true even for those who consider themselves to be avid decorators. African interior design has its own particular flair that can easily be translated into your own personal safari theme, regardless of what size or shape your safari takes you on.

The colors and patterns that comprise the African safari decorating fabrics of today were influenced by the various tribes of the African continent over hundreds of years. The most prominent colors were dark reds, dark browns, burnt yellows, blacks, tans, and earthy blues. Color schemes often mimic the scenic countryside of the African area itself, with darker reds, deep browns, burnt yellows, and blacks worn by indigenous tribal peoples. Decorating your home with exotic island antiques from other times of history, incorporating colorful floral patterns, periwinkle greens and sage greens with strong regional influences from the ocean, deep purples and pink shades that are also found in the African safari, and finally, rustic browns, blacks, tans, and natural earthy blues.


When selecting the interior decor for your African safari, you can incorporate many different decorating ideas. First, you may want to purchase African safari decor items such as wall murals, floor pillows, and wall decor accessories. Second, you can browse through many different online sites to see pictures of beautiful African safari scenes. You can also view many different websites that offer ideas on how to decorate with African tribal designs. These are just a few of the ideas that are available, but once you explore these wonderful websites, there is sure to be a vast array of ideas to choose from.

African safari decorating is based around using fabrics that come from Africa. These fabrics include beads, fabrics, textiles, pottery, and wall tapestries. Each of these different fabrics has different nuances and they each have their own unique beauty and richness. For example, the beads and pottery make beautiful accents to any room, while the colorful textiles and native pottery pieces are a great way to brighten up any room. In addition, the sheer numbers of different fabrics available provide a large number of options for African safari decorating.


One of the most popular themes that you can use in your African safari decorating ideas is the theme of nature. This can take many different forms and you will be able to use numerous items including stuffed elephants, zebras, and leopards. Many people prefer to use these items as a way to bring a little more “green” into their homes. However, another trend is to use these items in conjunction with more modern interior design elements such as crystal chandeliers and mirrors.

The subject of nature is not the only theme that you can use to decorate your home. You can also incorporate many different age old ideas for a truly authentic safari room. For example, you can get a safari themed cake decorated with cake plates, a cake top covered in a safari style bark of hay, and even a safari rug. These ideas can work well for birthday party ideas, but there are also many more adult themed products that you can find if you are looking for birthday party ideas for the outdoors.

The next idea that you might want to use is an African safari decorating idea for a baby shower. You can have a beautiful cake or cupcakes decorated in the shape of an elephant or an African animal. You can then decorate the rest of the room in safari colors, which include black, red, yellow, green, orange, and blue. This is a great theme for a baby shower because it is one that can be used year after year. You do not have to change your ideas once you have decided on an African safari theme baby shower.

Of course, the most popular thing about an African safari decorating theme for your child’s nursery is the beautiful decor. There are many different affordable care Safari crib bedding sets that are available to you, which will make decorating easier. Once you have purchased the bedding set, you can begin to think about decorating the rest of the room, including the window coverings and window treatments. By making decorating easy, you can save money on your overall cost of decorating the safari room for the new baby.

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