Poverty In Africa: Top 10 Facts

Poverty In Africa: Top 10 Facts

What is the poorest continent on Earth? Yes, it is Africa. Though the condition is improving, still poverty persists there. The Africans lack the essential things, and hunger and disease are quite common there. That is why, today, we will discuss some facts about poverty in Africa in this article. Some of you may know them; some may not.

Poverty In Africa: Top 10 Facts
Poverty In Africa: Top 10 Facts

Facts About Poverty In Africa

Africa Has 75% Of The Poorest Countries Of This World

Yes, almost all the poor countries that include Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, and Liberia are located on this continent. In 2016, The Central African Republic became the poorest country of the nation as it had a $656 GDP per capita.

Poverty In Africa – Poorest People Live In The Sub-Saharan Region

As per the report of Gallup World in 2013, the sub-Saharan region has the poorest residents of 10 countries. They used to live on $1.25 per day, as said the World Bank. These people comprise 48.5 % population of that region in 2010.

One Person Out Of Three Has Undernourishment

In 2010, according to the report of the United Nation’s FAO or Food and Agricultural Organization, about 240 million populace in the sub-Saharan region didn’t get proper food. No other area in the world has this high percentage of hungry people. Almost 40% of Africans don’t get enough food every day as per the report of the United Nation Millennium Project.

Poverty In Africa – No Electricity In Sub-Saharan Area

About 589 million residents of sub-Saharan region do not have electricity. Thus, almost 80% of them have to depend on biomass products like charcoal or wood for their coking.

No Clean Water For The 500 Million People In Sub-Saharan Region

You will be astonished to know that almost 738 million people do not have access to clean water all over the world. Among them, nearly 37% live in the sub-Saharan region of Africa. Thus, they use to suffer from different water-borne ailments. Cholera and other diseases that come from impure water are very common among the Africans according to the U.N. Millennium Project.

Poverty In Africa: Top 10 Facts
Poverty In Africa: Top 10 Facts

Loss Of 30 Billion Dollar Every Year

As the sub-Saharan region of Africa has so much sanitation as well as water problems, they lose about 30 billion dollars of productivity. This amount is greater than the aid that the foreign countries send to them every year.

Poverty In Africa – Continuous Violence And Increasing Refugees

About 18 million people are without any state and refugees, as per the report of UNHCR. It is because they have constant violence and clash among themselves. They abuse the human right too. It is of serious concern as says the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

African Woman Lacks Education

Less than 20% of women in Africa have a proper education. Now if the children of these women go to school for a minimum of 5 years, they can survive in this world.

Alarming Number Of Women Die During Pregnancy And Childbirth

The number of women living in the Sub-Saharan region dies during pregnancy or while giving birth is 230 times more than any other countries. It is very shocking.

Poverty In Africa – Over 1 Million People Die Because Of Malaria

Out of all malaria deaths in the world, 90% occurs in Africa, and most of them are the children.

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