Play Cabela African Safari To Feel The Adventure

Cabela African Safari

Cabela’s African safari is an exciting third person shooting game. Set in the lush and spectacular African continent, the game takes you on an incredible adventure through the vast land to find the legendary Big Five Game. The game is quite challenging, but it can be mastered in no time. You will enjoy the challenge, as you hunt for the animals of Africa.

What Is Cabela African Safari

A lion looking at the camera

The game is very detailed, as you experience the environment, wildlife, and the people of the land. It also takes a lot of your imagination, as the game takes place in different parts of Africa. Your experience becomes even more exciting, when you try out different game modes and try to beat them. You can try the single player mode or the multiplayer mode for even greater challenge.

The game has numerous levels that are available to play. In order to unlock each new level, you have to finish all other levels that you have already reached. Once you clear the game, you are given a trophy. The trophies are a reward for your amazing hunting efforts. Some of the trophies include:

You can also try playing the game in its two-player version. The game is quite similar to that of the single player, and you can even find the same trophies for those who play with their friends. However, the difficulty is much higher for the multiplayer version, as you need to be prepared to face fierce enemies and fierce weather conditions.

Cabela’s African Safari With Different Modes

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The game also has different modes available. You can choose from the following modes. The first one is the Story Mode. This mode lets you complete different tasks to progress through the story line. This mode is also great if you want to spend less time, as you can just focus on other things and save the important information for later.

The second mode in the game is the Challenge Mode. Here, you can play the game in single player or in multiplayer modes, and challenge yourself to beat the game in only a few hours. If you are keen to play more, you can even join the online multiplayer mode and play against other players from all over the world, so that you can see how well you are doing in your hunting.

The Adventure Mode lets you explore the jungle with your friend and experience the game in a more intense manner. You can take help from the friends, who are present on the game map and share information about the wildlife of the game, and the different game modes available to play with them. However, the graphics, sounds, and overall environment of the game is quite boring in this mode, so it might not be that enjoyable for everyone.

In Cabela’s African safari, you will be allowed to take the role of a hunter, and hunt through the bush, and kill the animals that come your way. There are various animals in the game like zebras, lions, elephants, buffalo, hippos, cheetahs, and leopards, among others. The animals appear in all their natural colors, and you can see them in the natural habitat that they usually appear in.

It Offer Amazing Weapons

To kill these animals, you need to use the various weapon which can be found around the game. These weapons are made of different materials, and you need to sharpen your blades and make use of them to kill the animals that you are hunting. However, the main issue is the fact that your weapon gets worn out easily and will not be able to handle too much damage. If this happens, you will have to make use of other resources, such as water and food, or you might even die.

The best part about this game is that this game also lets you travel around the game. You can go to different areas and see what the animals are doing, and the different scenery, and different wildlife that they are living in.


If you are looking for an adventure and an exciting game to play, then the Cabela’s Game of the Year award is one that you must have in your hands. It is a game that has become quite popular for a very long time now, thanks to its amazing graphics, thrilling storyline, and great graphics and sound effects. With its huge community, and a lot of activities, you can actually have a blast while playing this game, so that you will never get bored.

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