Planning Your Safari Holiday

african safari holidays

For some of the most incredible landscapes, incredible wildlife encounters and breathtaking outdoor experiences, safari holidays in Africa are hard to beat. With an outstanding combination of spectacular game viewing spots, gorgeous national parks, warm, dry bush camping and coastal beach side snorkeling retreats, Africa safaris are certain to give you a once in lifetime experience. It is no surprise that African safaris cover some of the most amazing terrain in the world. The sheer range of activities available is almost limitless, so it’s easy to see why people from across the globe choose to travel on an African safari holiday. And with the right travel company, it’s also easy to plan your own perfect Africa safari holiday.

An Overview

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To start, consider exactly where you want to travel and what you want to see during your Africa safari holidays. Most visitors begin their safari journeys in the famous safaris in Tanzania, Kenya and Botswana. These are well known world-famous destinations for African safaris, but there are other equally fascinating destinations to explore as well. Take the time to investigate some other interesting locations, such as Zambia, South Africa, Namibia and Zimbabwe.

As with any good vacation, Africa safaris holidays need careful planning and scheduling. Start by making a list of all the things that you are going to want to see while you are on your safari holidays. This includes determining when you will begin your journey, which of the most popular game viewing destinations you will want to visit and which national parks or wilderness areas you wish to explore. Once you know exactly what you want to do and where you want to go, look up the respective continent of Africa online to determine what airlines fly to your area and which tour operators provide the best deals. You may also want to contact local tour operators and ask them for recommendations of the best African safaris holidays packages.

Planning Safari Holidays

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It is likely that one of the most popular trips taken by those seeking the ultimate African safari holidays is the journey through the Etosha National Park. This park is located in southern Nigeria, near the Etosha River. For the next seven days, you will ride on horseback across this amazing landscape, view more than two dozen species of birds, observe the amazing waterfalls and even have the opportunity to feed some of these animals.

In addition to riding on horseback throughout the Etosha national park, visitors can enjoy game drives throughout the region. There are game drives that take you through the Sabi Sands Game Reserve, which has a number of different sections. You will be able to view lots of elephants roaming through the landscape and even have a chance to spot black rhinos.

Namibia is another of the top destinations when it comes to African safari holidays. Namibia is noted for its large variety of wildlife. The Okavango Delta in Namibia is a region where sea lions, flamingos and other large mammals call home. Other popular destinations in Namibia include the Selous and Victoria Falls, two of the five natural wonders of the world.

In The End

The best time to visit Africa often varies according to the area. When visiting safaris in certain areas, such as the Serengeti or the Okavango Delta, the best time to see animals is in the morning. Animals are awake at this time and are more likely to be friendly. However, many animals migrate during the night, which can make it difficult to witness the animals for your first African safari holiday. Planning ahead and visiting at the right time of year will allow you to see the animals you’ve been awaiting.

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