Most Spectacular African Clothing Lines

African Clothing Lines

We all seek fashion in our everyday life. No continent has been spared out of the wave of fashion. For the past few years, it was only the western fashion that occupied the global industry. But these days, fashionistas are emerging from every corner of the world. African clothing lines are currently drawing parallel lines with European fashion. Their wonderful designs, eye-catching styles, huge experimentation, color pops, and a wide collection of various outfits are bombarding the industry. If you haven’t seen them yet, you need to see them now. Some of the African clothing lines are truly magnificent. Let us show you some.

Top Five African Clothing Lines

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We are going to take you to the most famous and truly the best African clothing lines. Look for yourself and decide if you like them or love them because there is no chance of hating them.

Adriaan Kuiters

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It is the most opulent menswear brand in the whole of South Africa. It is so large that it is dominating the menswear African clothing lines right now. Their designs include sophisticated formal and semi-formal attire for men.


Africa’s love for experimental clothing has led to the emergence of this brand. The name might seem like an airline campaign. But it is on the top of the most popular among all African clothing lines. This menswear line is emerging at a huge pace in the international market.

Deola Sagoe

She is the leading fashion designer in the entire international fashion industry. Her designs are the most sought-after in the whole of Africa. Her designs aren’t just meant for the runway, but they truly are meant for all people. She has created some of the best Haute Couture lines based in Africa that are unmatchable. She was appointed to the world food program by the UN.


Out of all the African clothing lines, this is the most favorite among the ladies out there. Their designs are diverse yet poised. Almost every design of theirs can be worn in everyday life. That is how this brand has made it to the top of the industry.

Loincloth and Ashes

Malembo Mpungwe is the founder of the Loincloth and Ashes line. She is the first African woman who won the Elle New talent show with her passion for fashion. You can judge how magnificent her designs must be. Her sense of style has made this brand to emerge as a top clothing line in the entire world. Let apart the African clothing lines.


It’s high time to look at the fashion world beyond European fashion. African fashion lines are spectacular in every way. It is interesting and well-applaudable to see them emerge at such a fast pace. When we talk about fashion, it should be global and not confined to a particular place. African clothing lines have transcended the boundaries of space to make their way in the international market. They are practical, wearable, and stylish. There are a number of African fashion brands competing in the market. Have a look at them and decide which is your favorite.

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