How Can African Governments Maintain African Culture

African Culture and Tradition

The fact that African countries lag far behind many parts of the world in all factors of development is quite controversial. Despite widespread international and national efforts to reverse this situation, there remains fierce debate as to why this is the case. The truth is that African countries have long had a low standard of living, and they have never really taken off in terms of economic development.

There are a number of reasons why this is so. One reason is that many African countries still depend heavily on agricultural production. These countries also rely heavily on fishing, which is difficult to sustain in most regions of Africa due to the poor waters in many of the coastal areas. There are also a number of countries that have very low population density, so the amount of land needed to grow crops is very large.

All of these factors can be attributed to the high level of poverty and malnutrition that is prevalent in many African countries, leading to the inability to make the kind of progress that the more developed countries have made over the years. Although these problems have been overcome in many of these countries, they are definitely far from being eliminated, so it is essential for African governments to continue with the efforts that are being made.

Implement Programs

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In order to do this, it is important for them to implement programs that are aimed at improving the overall health of their citizens. By improving the infrastructure, it makes it possible for the government to ensure that the right resources are available for developing the economy and making it possible for people to enjoy better health.

It is also important for these governments to maintain the overall level of African culture and tradition. In many of these countries, this means ensuring that the traditional way of life continues to be practiced, as this is one of the key reasons that has helped to make the country what it is today. While this can be difficult to achieve in some cases, it is certainly possible for the government to change some of these practices. This can in turn allow the government to help the people to preserve the traditional culture.

Many African governments have taken this responsibility very seriously and have begun by changing the way that people communicate with each other. There are many different ways that people in these areas of Africa communicate, including through songs, dances, prayers, stories, and other forms of entertainment.

African Culture

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Another example of African culture and tradition is through the African clothing and attire. This involves the use of a variety of materials, including animal skin, beads, wood, feathers, rattan, etc., which are all used to create unique clothing items for both men and women. This includes many types of everyday clothing that people in these areas wear.

The use of traditional crafts and the weaving of fabrics is also another important part of African culture and tradition. These activities have been carried on for generations, and there is no room for the average person in these regions to ignore them. All of this is part of what makes up a true cultural identity, and this is one area that is being maintained and developed by African governments every day.

Finally, African governments need to consider ensuring that they are able to maintain a good relationship with all of their different neighboring countries. These countries include many countries that are members of the African Union and are willing to help the African government to maintain good relations with other nations in the region, as long as it means that the African government gets assistance in return.

Maintain African Culture

In essence, if a country wants to be able to maintain an African culture and tradition, they need to ensure that they are doing so. The last thing that any government wants is for its government to come into a situation where it is at the whim of the neighboring nation.

Overall, by working with the governments of other nations to maintain a good relationship, it makes it possible for the African culture and tradition to continue to exist.


Whether it is in a positive or negative light, there is no doubt that the African culture and tradition should not be lost.

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