History And Role Of African American Influence On American Culture

african american influence on american culture

Ancestral Africans have their roots or settlement in America from long ago. They have a particular nation’s language, literature, music, dance, and art. African American influence on American culture reports shows that African American is treated as slaves. They have to leave their residential homelands to work according to the culture of the new world. The rights of African American people also had limits to a certain extent. Despite this, you can see the enormous contributions of African Americans in the history of America.

The Era Of The 21st Century

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More than 36 million African American people shift to the south. The southern state has to handle the black population that is more than 1 million. Other big cities like New York City, Chicago, and Houston also have a black population of more than 1 million.

History Of Black People

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It is noticeable that around the 16th century, the black explorers shift to the Mississippi Valley area. They are later becoming New Mexico and South Carolina. The major explorer city of American was Esteban, and it is in the southwest. In the 20th century, Africans came to the English colony of Virginia and remained servants for a limited time. In 1790, the Black population cover one-fifth population of America. Black people have to face discrimination based on their skin color. Americans get a chance to rationalize black slavery by developing the belief that they are inferior and with a heathen culture.

Slavery Condition In America, The United States

Black slaves have to work for Americans unwillingly in the United States and also in the south. Black people have inherited and learned folklore, southern speeches, art, food, and dance to mix Africa’s culture from Europe. In the 18th century, new world slaves worked for Indigo plantations, rice, and tobacco on the southern seaboard. Now, Slavery extended its roots to the south with cotton and sugar plantations. Northern business people get a lot of benefits by selling the products of the slaves.

Laws For More Slavery

Slave codes came into existence for total control of the slaves. According to these laws, slaves are like property or a thing without value. They are on sale like an animal and worse than that. Black slaves are not allowed to have a family life and enjoy their rights. No allowance for education and punishment for any misbehavior is regular.

Major Influence And Highlights

Civil rights fight has relatedness to the African freedom and American Negro intellectuals. With this, the unique identity gained pace in 1956. It forms the International society of African culture and American society with African culture. American Negro leadership is the justification of the freedom of Africans from slavery.

Conclusion End

Music and art play a very important or exciting role in African American history. It brings a positive change in the culture, and some dance forms are also popular in the present world. All Americans consider the dance and art performance to be the best without discrimination of race, religion, or background.

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