Everything about the capital of Kenya

capital of kenya

Kenya’s capital is Nairobi. The governor of Kenya’s capital region is Evans Kidero. Nairobi has the following geographical coordinates:

Latitude: -1°17’N

Longitude: 36°49’E

The current population of Nairobi is 3,138,369. The official language of Kenya Capital is English. The currency in Kenya Capital (Nairobi) is the Kenyan Shilling (KES).

Kenya Capital has the following district (Local Authority, LAU) divisions:

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Dagoretti North Division, Dagoretti South Division, Embakasi Division, Lang’ata Division, and Runda Division. The population density in Nairobi is 7,944.8 per square kilometer.

Nairobi’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is $3,303 billion. Kenya Capital’s National Exports are $6.7 billion and the National Imports to Kenya Capital are $12.5 billion making a trade deficit of -$5.8 billion.

The top 3 national exports of Kenya Capital are:

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Gold ($1.9B)

Cars ($576M)

Diamonds ($541M)

The top 3 national imports in Kenya Capital are:

Passenger Cars ($917M)

Petroleum Gas ($810M)

Crude Petroleum ($777M)

What are the famous places in the capital of Kenya?

The main famous places in Nairobi are:

Gigiri, Nyayo National Stadium, Parliament of Kenya, and Kencom House.

What makes the capital of Kenya different?

The main difference between Nairobi with other cities is that it has one of the most emblematic buildings in East Africa, the Kenya National Theatre.

Nairobi is also home to Kenya’s largest western-style shopping malls like Westgate (mall), Village Market, and Sarit Centre.

Kenya Capital is not a world-famous city but it has its own charm with beauty and history of being the capital of Kenya. From the many hotels in Kenya Capital to its main attractions, Nairobi has a lot to offer visitors.

What are the educational institutes of the capital of Kenya?

The National University of Kenya and Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology are the only two public universities in Nairobi. The place has many private universities like Africa Nazarene University, United States International University – Africa, Daystar University College & Graduate School of Business, American International School – East Africa among others.

What are the major religions in the capital of Kenya?

The most practiced religion according to the 2012 Census is Christianity with 80.5% followers, Islam 14%, 2.5% traditional, and 1.1% other religions.

What are the national parks in the capital of Kenya?

Nairobi National Park is a famous national park in Nairobi with a population of lions, African bush elephants, African leopards, and Cape buffalo.

The following are some major Tourist Attractions in Kenya Capital:

Nairobi National Park, Parliament of Kenya, Nyayo National Stadium, Snake Park, and Manyatta.

The following are some major Hotels in Nairobi Capital:

Red Roof Hotel, Boulevard Hotel, Kencom House Hotel & Spa, Yaya Centre Hotel, and Tristar Plaza Hotel.

What are some famous personalities of Kenya Capital?

The following are some famous personalities who were born in Nairobi:

Yvonne Okoti, Adhiambo Odongo, and Mumbi Ngugi.


The capital of Kenya, Nairobi is the largest city in the country and has a modern urban outlook. The 2011 population was 3.138 million but approximately half this number lives in unplanned settlements. Despite its basically suburban pattern, the city’s metropolitan district encompasses many villages that are incorporated into the city proper or serve as suburbs themselves. The outskirts of the city are dotted by large shopping malls, government buildings, universities, and housing estates.

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