Common Facts About African American Culture Which Everyone Should Know

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African American is an ancient and the most popular ethnic group in the US, and they have a long and interesting history. In simple language to make you understand, African Americans were the people who were brought forcefully to the modern world as slaves. The ancestors of African Americans were not given any human rights. They were exploited. They had to involvement in any social, economic, or political matters as they were treated as slaves. However, African Americans played a huge role in the development and growth of culture and wealth in the US. In 21 century, the population of African Americans is huge; around 2 million of them live in new york city and 1 million in Chicago, reflecting how they have fought against all discrimination and live happily in today’s world. Therefore, nerd out on this article which tells you about some common facts about African American culture which everyone should know.

Names And Labels Given To African Americans

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African Americans were not treated respectfully, so various names were given to show them inferiority, which was offensive. They were renowned as negro and black; however, various civil rights members gave them the name of afro-American, but people bullied them by saying black and making them feel inferior. You can observe people still using these words to refer to African Americans, which is insensitive and cruel. Therefore in 1980jesse, Jackson came up with the word African American which does not point out any race and was accepted by everyone. However, people still use negro and black as islands and abuse African Americans.

Early History Of African Americans

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In 1619 some Africans came to America not as a slave but as servants to work under Americans. The 20 men were bound with a contract for a specific time to work here as a servant. Since then, many Africans were forced to come to America and Europe and work at low wages and were exploited extensively. Therefore, Africans can be visibly differentiated from Americans due to their dark skin, so people believe that they are inferior and do not deserve any rights and laws. Africans had a considerable contribution to the folk music, culture, and dance of America. The African Americans bost the farming in America, which led to a sudden increase in America’s economy. After some time, people started a war and killed inferiors, leading to destruction and violence in America.

After The Civil War; Facts About African American Culture

After the victory in the civil war, four million slaves were sent back to their nation and gave citizenship to African Americans in 1868. After getting citizenship, African Americans were given the right to vote in 1870. However, in most places, no law was being followed, and African Americans were still being exploited. In 1960 African stood for their rights and fought against malpractices of police and citizens. In 2008 Barack Obama, an African American elected as a president of the USA changed the whole environment in the US.


African Americans have gone through hard times and struggles for their rights and laws, and now they are free and are equally treated as everyone in this world.

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