Best Vacation Spots In Africa – Never Miss Out On These Locations In Africa

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Africa has been the second-largest and second-most-populous continent in the world. Yet, people think of Africa as a country, not a continent but the continent having 54 countries with wondrous topography and landscape to explore. With all the crystal blue beaches, majestic wildlife, and a wealth of culture and history, it is indeed worth taking a long-haul flight and exploring the best-known diversified heritage. It’s full of life and culture waiting to be discovered. Below are some of the Best Vacation Spots In Africa to visit. It is arguably the best place for photographers and wildlife lovers to explore a wide range of species. 

Best Tourist Destinations In Africa

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Great Zimbabwe: The first in the list of Best Vacation Spots In Africa is Great Zimbabwe. It’s famous for diving into Victoria Falls, the tremendous Zimbabwe stone ruins, beautiful house boating on Lake Kariba,  and of course, the most beautiful city- Bulawayo.

Best Tourist Destinations In Africa – Morocco

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It’s believed to be a mix of both North African and European culture. Djemaa El Fna is the shopper’s attraction. The other main attractions are Draa valley, Sahara Dunes, Blue city – Chefchoun, and many more. 

Tanzania offers plenty of attractions and is the most beautiful country in Africa, with a direct gateway to the Zanzibar Islands, Mount Kilimanjaro, Serengeti, Nungwi, Arusha, stone town, and a lot more. It’s the most exciting and adventurous destination in Africa.


It has been nicknamed “ The Land Thousand Hills” due to its mountainous landscape. It has six active volcanoes. The most famous attractions are the gorillas, golden monkeys, Lake Kivu, Genocide Memorial, delicious cuisine, and hot beverages. 

Best Tourist Destinations In Africa – Seychelles

It has been the most romantic gateway and a wellness retreat destination with beautiful beaches and arrays of wildlife. The main attractions are Alphonse and Desroches. In addition, one can explore the diversified marine life with untouched coral reefs. It’s one of the Best Vacation Spots In Africa precisely for relaxation. 

Cape Town

It’s a prominent place for travelers and most heard names on major wishlists of people. Cape town has wonderful experiences for travelers, i.e., African Penguins at Boulders Beach and The Table Mountain. However, the most famous and wildest activity one can do here is cage diving with the white sharks. Other favorite sports include Skydiving and Bungee-Jumping. 


It’s the most famous destinations on the list for beach travels, family time, and safaris. Lamu is considered a beautiful place with fantastic scenarios, while Malindi and Watamu are famous for coral reefs and rich marine life. The other tourist attractions include the Ecovillage of Kilifi, Flamingos, Sunset at Lake Naivasha, Masai Mara, Rhinos at Solio Reserve, and much more.


The African tour is a never-ending experience because of the vast diversity. The most amazing experiences can be exploring Madagascar, Giraffes, Mountain Hiking, Trekking with gorillas, Scuba Diving, Sunsets, The Cape Cross Seal Colony, Skydive, seeing the beginning of River Nile, Bungee-Jumping in the Victoria Falls. Visiting Africa can be a heart-warming experience costing a lot of time.

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