Nature In African Parks – Famous Animals In Africa

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There are many animals in Africa that can amaze you. These animals are not found in any other region in the world. They are strange, interesting and very unique. If you love nature, the animals in Africa will definitely amaze you. These are found in the Amazon forest and also in many National Parks in Africa. If you want to know more about the various animals in Africa, scroll down below.

Nature In African Parks - Famous Animals In Africa
Nature In African Parks – Famous Animals In Africa

Animals in Africa

African Civet

The African civets have different patterns of black and brown spots on their bodies. This colour pattern helps them camouflage easily. These animals are found in highlands, lowlands and even on open savanna grounds. Civets produce a secretion that was highly used in the making of perfumes, but today, synthetic alternatives are used. They eat everything from small mammals, insects to crabs.

Greater Kudu

Greater kudu looks quite clumsy and big but is, in reality, quite swift and very good jumpers. They can easily jump a fence at 6.6 ft. They live in the African Savanna in the woodlands, but they avoid the open grasslands. These have long necks that are used to reach for food on high branches. The males have spiral-shaped horns.

Beisa Oryx

The Beisa Oryx is found on dry plains and scrublands. This species is almost near threatened. Both the sexes grow horns, but the females’ horns are bigger. Their horns often get into the way of talking and being with one another and they have to be very careful not to hurt each other. These animals can regulate their body temperatures and even conserve water from the plants they eat.

Grey Crowned Crane

The grey crowned cranes are found in wetlands and open grasslands of the African savannas. They easily feed on insects, reptiles, grasses, and even seeds. They have quickly adapted to the landscape changes made by man. These can be found both on agricultural lands as well as on wetlands. They have a long hind toe with which they perch and even build nests on trees. This way, they help avoid predators on the ground. These cranes can lay up to 3 eggs at once.

Nature In African Parks - Famous Animals In Africa
Nature In African Parks – Famous Animals In Africa

Guereza Colobus

The colobus or the mutilated monkeys without thumbs are found in closed forests in Africa. Just like cows, these monkeys have stomachs that are divided into four pouches. They eat tender leaves only, but their stomachs can also digest toxic foliage. This species is hardly seen coming down from the trees. They love jumping from branch to branch. They have long hair on their shoulders and tails that act as parachutes while jumping.

Somali ostrich

The Somalian ostriches are the biggest birds in the world. These have eyes like a large vertebrate and they also lay the most giant eggs. These are the fastest two-legged animals in the world. They are found in plains and dense bush areas. They are the only birds to have two toes. Somali ostriches are found in scrub areas and you will not spot them on open plains. They either live in pairs or alone. These have a darker plumage when compared to the common ostriches.

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