African Tribes Culture – Details You Should Know About

african tribes culture

A tribe is a category or set of people who share the same tradition, language, and culture to maintain wealth and well-being. Africans have different tribes and cultures in different parts of Africa. In African tribe culture, people follow particular laws, ethics, morals, religion, social, and political values strongly. 

Africa is a continent popular for its tribe and culture, which follows its traditions and stays rooted in its culture. Here, we’re going to discuss African tribes culture, their tribe types, and values towards their culture and traditions.

African Tribes Culture – Types of African tribes

African tribes

Africa contains 54 countries in it and in those countries more than 3,000 African tribes are present. Here are some most popular African tribes that showcase the tribal traditions and cultures of Africa. 

The Himba tribe of northwest Namibia are known for their red matte braids and body paint to protect their skin.

Zulu tribe of South Africa is famous for staying and living together and their art.

Maasai tribes of Kenya and Tanzania are distinctive from other tribes because of their vibrant, meaningful clothes.

Yoruba tribe of Nigeria is known as a productive tribe. 

Bushman tribe of Southern Africa are the first tribe in South Africa

Samburu tribe of Northern Kenya has unique social culture and wears colorful clothes.

African Tribes Culture 

African tribes

Tribe people of Africa follow the different incredible and meaningful cultures that fascinate the whole world, these famous tribe cultures are: 

Mursi tribe wears large wooden plates on their lower lips as a cultural practice. 

Hamar tribe has a culture of jumping on the bull to prove strength. 

In Namibian tribe has a culture of applying thick red matte paste into girls’ hair for protection.

Maasai tribe spit on hand to greet people as a traditional practice, they spit as a form of respect and blessing.

San tribes has a unique culture, which they follow, they dance to transfer power and energy, it is also called healing dance.

Ndebele tribe is also famous for its wedding traditions it is because the ceremony is all about the bride.

African Tribes Culture – African Culture Values

Africa has diversity in vibrant cultural traditions that reflect their values. The values they follow showcase their feelings and culture. Their culture taught them to respect and acknowledge their elders. They always communicate positively and give value to their relationships.

Visit The History

Elmina Castle, Ghana – It was built by the Portuguese to imprison Africans before they were sent for slavery. It was a primary filming location for a 1987 drama. UNESCO recognizes this castle as a world heritage site.

Leptis Magna, Libya – It is located in the north-western part of Libya and has the most exemplary world-known roman architecture.

Robben Island, Cape Town: It has great significance as Nelson Mandela was imprisoned here for 18 years. It has incredible historical sites leading to prison cells.


Africans are extremely caring, positive, and gracious people. From the above discussion, it can be concluded that African tribes follow their culture strongly and patiently. They have versatility in language and tradition. Africans are also famous for their art culture.

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