African Traditional Clothing Tips For Tourists

african traditional clothing

Africa is a very welcoming country, and it is one of the most optimum places for tourists to roam around. This place has a lot of cultural diversity, and you can check out the various dressing styles that a person might have over there. There are numerous people out there with various ethnicities, which incorporates Europeans, Arabs, Africans, and Asians- and there are as many as 68 languages in total. But are you in a state of difficulty because you don’t know how to follow the African traditional clothing style? Then here are the ideas that will help you out for sure.

Beware Of Your Clothing-African Traditional Clothing

A young girl in a blue dress

When you are in Africa, especially Kenya, you have to plan about what you should wear and not wear. If you are relocating from the US or UK, then you should start considering the dressing stock in your wardrobe. In the case of some Muslim countries, you can not wear anything revealing. Similarly, Kenya, as well as the other provinces, have certain rules. There are indeed no stringent rules for revealing clothes in Kenya, but it is good to respect all the country’s culture and traditions. It is time to take the sign from all the colleagues, friends and other acquaintances you know over there.

Casual Clothing Styles-African Traditional Clothing

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No dress code in Africa is homogeneous and there is no traditional dress that you can find. The Kenyans choose to dress in clothes with very long sleeves and long trousers to relieve the scorching sun. Women can wear trousers or even skirts which rides can cover the knee. But if you are planning for everyday wear, then you can go more casual. Make sure that you invest in something light and cottony so that it can absorb the sweat. The hottest months in Africa are December to March, and it is mostly humid all the year-round. You never know when it can rain, which is why you have to carry a rain jacket all the time.

Traditional Clothing Style

When you are shifting to a different country, you should read about the various traditions and cultures. If we are moving from a western country, the culture might seem to be different. You should not wear anything which will make others frown on you can cause you discomfort. Often you can get hold of the colours with a splash of colour as well as numerous symbols. Bold colours and patterns are in fashion over the years- and you would want to choose the clothes with patterns. For example you can try the traditional dress known as Khanna and it is quite similar to the kitenge.

Dress For Work

The dress codes are more or less formal, and it is better to keep it that way. So you have to be careful to wear something half-sleeved and with knees covered so that no one is disappointed.


Now that you know how to abide by the African Traditional clothing tips, the tourists can buy the clothes that will be both comfortable and fit to the occasion.

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