African Safari Kenya Tips For First Timers

African Safari Kenya

Are you bucking up to go on your first African safari? Then it’s time to pack your bags! In this write-up, we will let you know about the best African safari tips. You’ll never forget your first safari in Africa, as it is going to be an exhilarating experience. Besides, we will guide you about the things you should follow while you are on a safari trip. We will elaborate on our experiences in two categories:

1. Safari Tips

2. What to Pack for an African Safari

Tips To Go On A Safari-African Safari Kenya

A small elephant walking along a dirt road

Please follow these points and enjoy your African safari for the first time.

· You aren’t in a zoo. When you are visiting wild animals in their natural belonging, the excitement can be over the top. The urge to scream, wave your arms, and get up is not something that would be much recommended. When you are on safari, humans are just guests in animals’ premises and should act accordingly.

When we are on a safari, it’s best to put the gadgets away and enjoy the moments. There is not a better time to feel in touch with nature than a technical detoxification in the jungle.

· You need a camera with a telephoto lens. Just because you’re going to a safari, that doesn’t mean you need an 800mm lens that costs as much as a car. Something around 200mm plus would be acceptable. You can check on the internet what camera some of the best wildlife photographers use?

· In the whole tour of an African safari, you have to be very healthy. Here’s how we suggest in eliminating the health risks.

Maintaining The Health

A zebra standing on top of a field

1. Drink plenty of water from your travel water bottles.

2. Keep yourself covered from the sun. Bring some sunscreen and a hat!

3. Stay calm. In between drives, make sure to walk, do some yoga, exercise, etc.

4. Take antimalarial medicine if you are worried. Use the mosquito avoidance strategy. Cover up at night, wear insect repellent, use a mosquito net, and be aware of surroundings.

5. You have to go to bed early on safari since you’ll be rising at dawn.

6. Take it easy on your stomach. We suggest talking with an expert on this. Check out and throw the skins of fruits and veggies, avoid large quantities of meat, and avoid spicy food. That being said, most of safari lodges are amazing at taking the perfect hygienic steps when it comes to preparing food.

7. Bring along small medical kit along with some basic needs for emergencies.

What to Pack for an African Safari?

· Don’t travel without travel insurance. You can never know what may happen in a country that you do not know much about, and it’s best to be prepared. World Nomads provides good short term coverage. Please find below link:

· Traveling to Africa on your own can be daunting to many travelers. However, there is no need to fear overland tour companies who will show a great time. You can check out some of them online to compare the different companies and possibly score a discount.

· Plastic pollution is one of the basic problems in Africa, so it’s best not to contribute to the problem. Avoid buying plastic water bottles everywhere and try to carry some on your own. However, keep filtered water bottles in areas where you may uncertain of the water supply.

· Keep a perfect DSLR camera with telescopic lenses for your trip to Africa.

· In peak dry season, there is little space to provide shade; UV rays are intense and can quickly burn the unsuspecting traveler. So, keeping a good hat is both stylish and functional.

· You could buy a safari backpack to keep your things on Safari days.


Now that you know everything about the African Safari Kenya tips make sure that you implement it.

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