African Party Dresses To Wear For The Love Of African Looks

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African prints are stylish, vivid, and bright colors. They have richly detailed designs, patterns, and bold use of colors. These prints and fabrics make distinctive outfits but still being able to be assimilated into western wear.  

These African party dresses prints have been there from the 19th century when the Dutch settlers contributed and create the designs as we know them today. Wax prints are one of many that have gone through changes through the years. Traditionally the wax was applied to the fabric, then the dye on top of it to create intricate and colorful designs, whereas today’s wax prints are created digitally. Wax prints are used for many occasions from traditional events to parties. They are an alternative to batik print. 


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There are different types of fabrics like Vlisco, Getzner, Brocade. Vlisco fabric is a staple to the central and west African sectors. It has bright and modern designs while Getzner has a low-key complexity. Ankara is another popular print that is used in African party dresses a lot. Ankara originated from 18th century Europe, but today it has been assimilated so much in the African culture that its origin is long forgotten. Today Ankara is used to promote African culture all over the world. 

Adinkra, Adire, Asafo Flag, Bark cloth, Bazin, Kanga, Kitenge, Kuba, etc., are some other types of fabrics that are used in the African party dresses style. 

Dashiki and Chitenge

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These are two of the famous African party dresses. Dashiki is a colorful, loose-fitting shirt – a pullover – with prints and color blocks. It is one of the types that has conformed itself into the American couture, becoming an integral part of the African-American fashion scene. Chitenge is similar to the sarong. Many of the designs are imprinted with writings like slogans or quotes. It is made use of on many occasions. 

Other ways to add African print

Small bags, bracelets, necklaces, scarfs, etc., are some of the accessories that make use of African style other than African party dresses. Vlisco outfit can be combined with Italian shoes and handbags, for example. 

Following are some of the ways to augment the African party dresses:

Adding lace to give it a delicate look. It comes in delicate patterns, looks incredibly subtle, and compliments the bright, colorful African party dresses. Used to give an ethereal look to the garment and add a feminine touch, e.g., at wedding parties or prestigious events. 

Adding brocade gives the African party dresses a sophisticated look. It is made of shuttle-woven fabrics and woven with silver and gold threads. Unlike the lace, brocade makes the garments look luxurious, bolder, and more prominent. Go for it if you want your African party dresses to look visually striking. 

Adding headgear has been there in African style for a long time. Also known as head ties, it helps add a stunning piece to your look without altering your garment in any way. It is used in major events and special occasions. Different types of fabrics used for headgears are Aso Oke, Sego Ipele, etc. 


African party dresses have a distinct style with colorful and bright patterns. Still, it gives free reins to you to be as creative as possible due to its blending quality.

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