African Men Clothing The Traditional Clothing Styles You Should Know

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Every religion, culture, and heritage is diverse and significantly different. People from various cultures express themselves and the heritage of their origin by their dress. Indeed, people from different continents have different fashion sense. Some people from a different culture may show similarities in what they wear. But the native clothes are decidedly unique. African men wear different patterns or shapes of clothes as compared to men from another continent. Of course, they wear shirts, pants, and any other basic clothing items.

There are some unique African Men Clothing.


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Dashiki is a colorful garment that is an article of traditional clothing for men in east Africa. It is a kind of tunic. It can be formal or informal. Dashiki garments are made according to the occasion. A loose-fitting dashiki garment is often paired with a Kufi cap. An African man usually wears traditional or informal print as casual wear, whereas one can also be seen wearing Dashiki suits and Dashiki trouser sets. Grey is a standard color in Africa. Most couples during weddings wear white, but some unorthodox colors like purple and blue are also worn. Black and red are the colors worn by African people during mourning. Often men from Africa are seen wearing simple Dashiki with embroidered sleeves and collars. Dashiki generally has vibrant colors. Late in the 1960s, when Dashiki first appeared in the US, Dashiki represented harmony amongst the black community.


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Kanzu is a traditional white-colored or cream-colored robe that people from the East African Rift are seen wearing. It is a national costume of Tanzania. it is also called kandu or thawb. The word is derived from Swahili origin. It is also seen as a tunic. There are two types of Kanzu different from each other in their origin. One is Ugandan Kanzu and other is Tanzanian Kanzu. The kanzu is often paired with a suit jacket or sports coat in both the origin. It is an attire for weddings in East Africa, especially the Great Lakes region. During the wedding ceremony, the groom is supposed to wear a kanzu with a Kofia. The other men in attendance wear Kanzu with a formal suit jacket.


Agbada is a distinctive form of clothing for African men. It is worn mainly by West African men. However, men from east Africa wear it from time to time but not often as they are accustomed to wearing a Dashiki suit. Agbada is traditionally embroidered with sophisticated patterns and worn on special occasions like religious festivities, weddings, funerals, or attending mosques. An Agbada consists of three pieces of clothing that include a pair of trousers with strings with tapering of cloth towards the ankles, a long-sleeved shirt, and a wide unstitched gown worn over the two. All three pieces are of the same color. It is made of cotton.


All the tribes from Africa have variegated traditional attires. Men from all over the world also wear these attires. Therefore, even though fashion is changing every day, one must work very hard to protect the traditional aspects of the culture and preserve them for future generations.

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