African Food: 10 Best Dishes

African Food: 10 Best Dishes

If you see the world cuisine, you will notice that African food is very much under-represented.  But, they provide various dishes for every palate. Stews, breyanis, tagines, and grain porridge, as well as the tasty curries from Africa, will make your mouth watering.

So, here I am going to list the ten most exquisite dishes in Africa.

African Food: 10 Best Dishes
African Food: 10 Best Dishes

African Food – Top Dishes

Pap En Vleis From South Africa

This tasty amalgamation of maize porridge and barbecued meat is famous in South Africa. Different kebabs, steak, chops, or sausages accompany the porridge. Have a glass of beer with it and enjoy the South African food.

Piri Piri Chicken From Mozambique

The foods of Mozambique offer you the mixed taste of Africa, Arab and Portugal. As the name suggests, this is a chicken dish. Soft pieces of chicken are cooked with pepper, lime, Piri Piri sauce, garlic, and coconut milk. Accompany this delicious chicken with cooked cassava leaves in peanut sauce, famously known as matapa.

Jollof Rice And Egusi Soup From Nigeria

If you go to Nigeria, make it mandatory to taste their traditional dish Jollof Rice and Egusi Soup. It is a one-pot dish with awesome flavors having rice, onions, tomatoes, and pepper. The egusi soup is prepared with bitter leaf along with paste of melon seeds.

Bunny Chow From  South Africa

One of the most famous street foods of South Africa, bunny chow is prepared by filling hot curry into the hollowed white bread. They use both meat dishes and vegetable curries to fill the hollowed bread loaf.

African Food: 10 Best Dishes
African Food: 10 Best Dishes

Kapenta With Sadza From Zimbabwe

The people who live beside the lake regions of Zimbabwe and Zambia eat the crispy kapenta almost every day. They prepare this dish with two types of freshwater fish. You can have it as fried or stewed along with onions and tomatoes and fresh greens.

Nyama Na Irio From Kenya

This famous dish of Kenya contains mashed potatoes along with beans, peas, onions and corn and some roasted meat.

Namibian Venison From Namibia

The cuisines of Germany and South Africa have a considerable influence on the cuisines of Namibia.  The Namibian venison is the conventional staple food along with maize porridge and a glass of excellent Namibian beer.

African Food – Chambo With Nsima From Malawi

Chambo is the famous fish that is available in Lake Malawi. A plate of grilled chambo along with stiff porridge and chips is enough to make your tummy full. They also serve a tasty dish made with cassava leaves, groundnut powder and tomatoes with the grilled chambo.

Muamba De Galinha From Angola

This stew of Angola is considered as their national food. It is spicy, oily as it contains lots of palm butter or palm oil along with okra, garlic, and chilies. Both fish and chicken are used to make this tasty stew.

African Food – Pastilla Au Pigeon From Morocco

It is a complex dish having a delicate, aromatic, and sweet flavor. It is a pie made with shredded cooked squab. Egg sauce is used to make it thick. After that, they combine it with very thin pastry.

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