Discovering Different Cultures In Africa

African cultures

If you thought that all Africans followed only one culture, then you are mistaken. Africa is a land of many different cultures. Therefore, if you ever set out to explore this vast continent, do make it a point to know more about the different cultures in Africa. So, here is a summary of the various African cultures.

Different African Cultures

There are many African tribes with different cultures. It has 50 independent countries. Also, there are 3,000 diverse tribes in Africa with 11 recognized dialects and languages.

Masai of Kenya and Tanzania

This tribe has a rough population of 840,000. The red-clad Maasai of Kenya and Tanzania dress up according to the Great Plains and Savannahs of Africa. They are very powerful warriors and pastoralists who have roamed the wilderness of Africa for more than 500 years. Some of their important traditions are jumping dance, spitting, and drinking of blood and wearing the colorful shuka.

Himba of Northwest Namibia

This region in Northwest Namibia is home to resilient people of Africa. Their number might be around 50,000. They are hunter-gatherers and pastoralists. Their life revolves around the holy fire. Through the smoke coming from the fire, they seek a connection with their ancestors. Their holy fire burns in the center of their village. Also, these are nomadic people who travel from waterhole to waterhole rearing cattle and goats. The most characteristic feature of this tribe is their unique hairstyle. They color their hair in red ochre body paint and wear sheepskin leather ornaments.

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Discovering Different Cultures In Africa
Discovering Different Cultures In Africa
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Discovering Different Cultures In Africa
Discovering Different Cultures In Africa
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Discovering Different Cultures In Africa
Discovering Different Cultures In Africa
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