African American Influence on American Culture

african american influence on american culture

Over the years, African Americans have formed a powerful cultural force in the United States. Their impact has been far-reaching and profoundly profound. But as recently as the mid-1990s, their influence on American culture was limited. Then the crack cocaine epidemic changed everything. Between then and now, black Americans have become more visible, and black Americans have come to form an incredible cultural force and social anchor in this country.

There is more African American influence on American culture than most people realize. Some of this can be put down to the fact that black Americans have always tended to be concentrated in large cities. And so, over time, black Americans have had an increasingly high number of high-paying occupations. As a result, over the years, black Americans have become increasingly concentrated in upper-class neighborhoods, which tend to have a strong cultural influence on black youth. This cultural influence on black youth is one of the primary factors behind the way that black Americans have become an important part of American culture today.

Monetary Terminology

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Another of the black Americans’ tremendous influence on American culture is the amount of money black Americans are able to obtain. Over time, black Americans have become the majority of the population in many large cities. In addition, the housing industry has continued to provide black families with affordable housing. This combination of a high amount of wealth and a low amount of housing prices has made black Americans solidly in the middle class.

One of the reasons that this middle class has remained intact over the years is the influence of the organized black churches. The impact of black churches has been profound. The efforts by black churches to promote the idea of a just society have resulted in a vibrant black community, which contributes to the overall health of African American culture. It has also resulted in the black community being an inclusive place, and a place where people of all races and creeds to live and work.

Level Of Education

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One of the other factors that has helped to preserve and develop the black culture and black American economy is the level of education most black Americans have received. The hardworking efforts by black Americans to attend college and attain a higher education have been instrumental in the growth and financial security of the black community. Without this level of education, there would be a significant disproportionate number of black Americans living in poverty. Today, about one in three black Americans between the ages of twenty and forty-four have some form of college education.

Probably one of the most important forces shaping black Americans today is the black church. Many black Americans have grown up hearing the teachings of their African ancestors who have long since passed on their legacy. Because of this, many black Americans have a deep connection to the church. The history and culture of the black church is a vital part of black Americans’ culture. In fact, many consider the black church to be their family and friends as well as a place of education and social interaction.

Impact Of Immigration

Another important force shaping the black American culture and black economy today is the impact of immigration. America is one of the world’s fastest-growing nations of immigrants. As more black Americans come to America to pursue a better life, they bring with them not only the traditions they know, but also culture. These immigrants have brought with them the traditions of food, music, dance, language and custom that have been shaped by the people of their ancestors’ homeland. Some of these traditions have been handed down through generations, while others were learned when black Americans came to America and had to adjust to the new society and face new cultural obstacles. Whatever the case may be, the impact of immigration on black Americans today can be seen in the diverse way the black communities have formed around major cities, such as Los Angeles and Atlanta.


Still another force shaping black Americans today is the impact of popular culture, specifically African American popular culture. The history of popular culture in the black community, both before and after the Freedom Movement is an intriguing example of the role ethnicity and culture can play in shaping a black individual’s self-identity and sense of self worth. The impact of hip-hop and rap culture on black Americans today has created some of the most integral voices among black Americans, from Moslem teenagers rapping against the police to a wider range of artists, writers and celebrities speaking out against racism. By any measure, the black American culture of today is stronger and more pervasive than ever before.

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