African Adventure Vacation in Namibia

African adventure

African Adventure Camp is one of the best options to fulfill your adventure seeker requirements. The nature camps can help you plan your dream trip in a vacation style. The desert destination with its natural beauty, great cultural heritage, and exciting activities awaits you.

The first time traveler to foreign lands wants to capture the flavor of the country he is exploring. In order to achieve this objective, various packages are available in the market, which can be customized to suit individual tastes. These packages offer different modes of vacationing in Africa and are the best way to enjoy a self-sustaining experience.

It’s no doubt that a desert destination offers great relaxation and serenity to those who visit it. With its tranquility and sublime beauty, visitors come back again for a long duration of time. It is a land of sheer perfection, where everyone comes home with vivid memories of a lifetime of delving into its vibrant culture, glorious heritage and fantastic adventures.

Most of the people are looking for a unique and special kind of adventure and the nature experience does not disappoint them. Its landscapes are magnificent and are very much alive, allowing you to see many varieties of wildlife. Besides, the natural surroundings provide shelter to many species of birds and animals, providing an opportunity to observe rare and endangered animals, birds and butterflies. It’s a place where you can experience what the animals and plants in the wilderness can do.

The African Adventure of Namibia

The Desert Adventure in Namibia is one of the best experiences. It is a unique and refreshing idea, which takes the visitor on a journey of imagination and discovery. The adventure of walking, horse riding, hiking, camping, and bird watching, combined with the fascinating sights and sounds of this exotic desert landscape; it is an adventure trip you will never forget.

The sandy desert wastes are lined with sand dunes and no fewer than ninety different varieties of wild animals roam the land, including elephants, rhinos, lions, giraffes, hippos, zebras, lizards, capybaras, gazelles, caracals, birds, baboons, gomphotheres, jackals, leopards, aye-aye, etc. However, there are other species of animals too. But these are the most common ones, and they always remain present in the sand dunes.

The somber places are amazing places to visit, and the southern parts of the Namib desert provide travelers the chance to get close. Especially to the animals and birds that inhabit the water holes and dry hollows. During the winter season, there are wide open dunes and plains for gazelles, lions, rhinos, elephants, antelopes, etc.

African Adventure Sand Dunes is a short excursion to Namibia and offers a splendid experience of a desert safari. To get this tour you have to select the Namibian tour; then collect an itinerary that will help you reach your destination. This excursion consists of three areas which are; the Karoo desert, the Tura Bota Game Reserve and the Tembo National Park.

Exploring Sand Dunes

The long journey into the heart of the sand dunes is exhilarating, as you wander across to the seasonal tourist attraction and stay under the starry sky. You have to see the sunset and rise from different sides of the desert landscape. Then, explore the flocks of birds flying past, while you take in the pleasurable sensations of an incredible desert safari.

The Karoo desert is the most famous desert in Namibia and has been the source of the famous film Africa. On this journey, you will be able to explore the rich, natural life of the region; particularly the Great Karoo Plains. There are tall grasses, highlands, deep ravines, rock pools, grassy plains, verdant trees, patchwork swamps, ferns, sand bars, lakes, lakeside teeming fauna, rivers, lakes, lakeside markup, and more.

The tura bota game reserve is also beautiful beaches of Namibia with its; majestic sand dunes, stunning waterfalls, big colorful palm trees, blue lakes, waterfalls, and people enjoying the beautiful summer. So, you can enjoy peace and serenity while enjoying the panoramic views of the desert and its huge vistas.

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