5 Exciting African Safari Destinations

5 African Safari Destinations thrill

There is nothing adventurous and thrilling more than the trip to an African safari destinations. One can visualize stillness of the early morning before sun casts a heat mirage. You can feel the sound of wild creatures and the sense of peace even in the untamed wilderness. It’s the excitement of the unexpected thrill – in the green grass, one never knows what new experience will arrive. In this article, we look at 5 of the famous safari destinations in Africa. Plan your next African adventure and enjoy the thrill.

Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya

It is located in the extreme southwest of the country on the border with Tanzania. The reserve covers more than 1,500 square kilometers, and it is famous for big cat populations. It is one of the great places to see the lion’s natural habitat. You can also visit Maasai villages and the annual Great Migration. The best time to plan your trip is between July and October.

Chobe National Park, Botswana

It lies in the northwest corner of Botswana. It is among the top National parks having a diverse array of animal and bird life. The park’s Savuti Marsh off is one of Africa’s best wildlife. It is especially famous for its elephants, around 120,000 animals living within the park’s borders. The peak time to visit is April to October when herds of elephant and other animals roam at banks of the Chobe River. The river also allows for boat-based game-viewing.

5 African Safari Destinations Thrill
5 African Safari Destinations Thrill

Kruger National Park, South Africa

It is located in the northeast of the country on the Mozambique border. It is famous for sheltering Big Five cats. The park is home to the cheetah, wild dog, and several small cat species. It is one of the good options for newbies to Africa, with a wide accommodation choice from basic campsites to luxury lodges. The road to Kruger is well-maintained and easily navigated. Wild lovers should plan their visit between October and March. It is the best time when you can see more than 200 migrant bird species.

5 African Safari Destinations Thrill
5 African Safari Destinations Thrill

South Luangwa National Park, Zambia

It is located in eastern Zambia known for its great and adventurous walking safaris. The Park allows you to get a closer look at the park’s wildlife. It shelters herds of antelope and elephant, as well as several large lion pride. The river species such as hippos and Nile crocodiles are the attraction of the park with more than 400 bird species. It is one of the great places in Africa to see leopards roaming in the park. The excellent time to visit depends on individual choice, rainy season, and dry winters are best.

5 African Safari Destinations   thrill
5 African Safari Destinations thrill

Okavango Delta, Botswana

It is a beautiful inland water system at Okavango River. It is located at the point where Okavango River flows into the Kalahari Desert basin. It is unique for its variety of wildlife and recedes throughout the year according to the annual rains. The best time to visit the Okavango Delta is during the annual flood May to September dry season. It shelters great herds of elephant, lions, and cheetah with water species Crocodiles.

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