4 Things To Know About Tanzania Culture Before You Visit

tanzania culture

Tanzania’s culture is full of friendly and welcoming locals that treat you like their own. So it’s better to return and know about Tanzania culture, traditions before you go. After knowing about Tanzania culture, not only will you show respect to the locals. But you will get much more insight into the culture of this wonderful country. 

From greetings to public affection, from dining to clothing etiquette. We have some common Tanzania culture and traditions as well as handy tips. This is going to help you remember your trip and enjoy it to the fullest. 

4 Tanzania Culture Etiquettes And Some Custom Tips

Ask Before You Snap


Tanzania is a beautiful country, and you can’t resist reaching out for your camera to snap some pictures. However, you must always seek permission before you capture pictures. According to many parts of Tanzania culture, it is considered rude as some groups believe that a piece of their soul is stolen when someone clicks their pictures. 

So always ask permission before you snap. And if you’re in doubt about who to ask, then just put the camera away and enjoy every moment in Tanzania. 

Mind Your Left Hand


The right hand is considered clean in Tanzania culture, therefore used for greeting people, eating, receiving, and giving objects. But the left hand is considered dirty and considered to be used for bathroom activities. So make sure when you’re greeting locals, you always extend your right hand. 

Along with this, don’t forget to use your right hand only while eating. Tanzania culture has a long handshake, so it is considered rude if you rush a meeting. Greet every person in the room, starting with the elder first. 

Don’t Sniff Your Food.

Before digging in the meal, while you may be taking the delicious aroma, this will consider the Tanzania culture faux. One of the most interesting Tanzania culture facts is that locals consider sniffing food as a sign of distaste or suspicion. Food is only sniffed when there is something wrong with it. And it’s very insulting to the cook. Along with this, turning down the food is also considered rude. You must try every dish a little bit, whatever is being passed. 

There are other dining etiquette and culture as well, like washing your hands before meals, using your right hand for eating, and using your hands to try the best meals. You will probably sit on mats on the floor with a low table. This is the most traditional way. 

Avoid Public Affection

Suppose you are traveling with your partner. Remember that public display of affection is deeply frowned upon in Tanzania culture. Hugging, kissing, and holding hands are considered love affection between a couple in Tanzania culture that should be done privately. So make sure you don’t make them feel uncomfortable to show your love to your partner. 


Tanzania’s culture is a conservative country with friendly people. They still believe in old customs, and that’s their specialty. People are naive and welcoming, but if you try to go against their customs. Locals won’t like it, and you might not be treated as a good influence on their people. So it’s better to know their customs and act as they appreciate to maintain harmony. 

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