3 Facts Regarding Obama Africa Vacation Cost

obama africa vacation cost

In late June 2013, Obama’s trip to Africa had cost nearly one hundred million dollars of the taxpayer’s money due to the huge resources for Presidential vacation. Such as fourteen bulletproof Limos, One hundred Secret Service Agents and so many more. The agents were there to secure the facilities in Tanzania, Senegal, and South Africa.

The detailed security provisions that had cost the Government millions of dollars were outlined in an internal document received by The Washington Post. Although the preparations had many similarities with the past trips, this document had given the public a glimpse into the effort and cost it takes to protect the Commander of Chief of the U.S. In this piece, you will discover three facts related to the cost of Obama’s vacation to Africa.

Reasons for the Expense

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Any type of journey by the U.S. President is a costly and immensely logistical challenge. However, the tour to Africa was more complex because of a variety of reasons.

The first family had made nonstop back-to-back trips from twenty-sixth June to third July in three above mentioned countries. Instead of depending on the local hospital, police forces, and military authorities, the U.S. Officials had provided all the resources.

The government agencies like the Secret Service had also wrestled with at-the-time mandatory budget cuts. They had to decrease the spending amount by eighty-six million dollars that year. To save on overtime costs they also canceled public White House tours and saved seventy-four thousand dollars a week.

Not That Unfamiliar

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It is quite obvious that people did not like the number of costs that much. However, President Obama’s tour to Africa is not unlike the travels of the two presidents before him.

In the years 2003 and 2008 President Bush went with his family and Clinton visited Africa with his family too in 1998.

According to the Government Accountability Office, President Clinton’s trip to Africa had cost forty-two point eight million dollars.

Though the post did not give a sum on Bush’s trips to Africa, we can assume from his previous travels like visiting London might have been pretty expensive since they had 250 agents of Secret Service, 50 Political aides, 150 advisers, and 200 representatives and so on.

The Difference With The Previous Presidents

The main difference between Obama’s ancestors and him lies in one Safari in Tanzania. The first lady and the President had also planned to take a safari in Tanzania as a part of the tour. It would have required the counterassault team of the president to carry high-caliber sniper rifles to neutralize lions, cheetahs, and other animals to protect the President from any life-threatening altercation.

But, the Government Officials had confirmed that the Safari was canceled because of the trip to the Robben Islands off the coast of Cape Town in South Africa where Nelson Mandela had been held as a political prisoner.


Though Obama’s trip to Africa and the cost of it caught a lot of attention, it was and still is not that unlikely matter. Even in Trump’s era, many millions were spent on foreign trips. Now, we have to wait and watch what the time of Biden brings along.

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